18 Month Acting Program in NYC Now Accepting Applications

New York, New York -

Maggie Flanigan Studio announces the launch of its 18-month acting program for serious artists seeking to accelerate their actor training, prepare for professional auditions, and continue their personal journey toward mastery of the craft. The program starts January 5, 2023 and enrollment opens today. Spaces are limited, so interested artists should call (917) 789-1599 to schedule an interview.

MFS is excited to be offering Meisner training in their newly designed studio space in the heart of Manhattan, a safe place for actors to explore and grow their understanding of truthful human behavior and the full range of emotional experience. While the MFS acting conservatory is a welcoming place for actors from any background, expectations and standards are high.

18 month acting program interview with natasha

MFS owner and Master Meisner Teacher Charlie Sandlan, shares that the program is designed to support serious artists who understand that mastery is not achieved by “taking a class or two,” but by embarking on a lifelong journey of ongoing study of the craft. According to Sandlan, it’s common for acting students to believe they know a great deal about acting, until they enroll in a first rate Meisner program at one of the best acting schools. Suddenly, they realize how much there is still to learn. Current MFS student Natasha Zekry who is a model and TV actor, agrees. “I knew how to memorize lines, and make believe, and all that,” she says, “now I’ve learned how much I don’t know, and it’s been life changing, professionally and personally. I have an angry side and I didn’t think I did—I was always calm, polite, very proper, smiling all the time—turns out I have an anger monster inside of me and it’s been interesting to explore that.”

This expansion and exploration of the full range of human emotion is foundational to acting truthfully under imaginary circumstances, the core of Meisner training.

MFS was designed as a two-year conservatory, because it allows actors to scaffold necessary development in voice, movement, dialogue, story structure, character development, and build professional skills they can take into any situation. Sandlan says these are interdependent and critical for any actor seeking to bring exciting, spontaneous and truthful behavior and emotion into any acting opportunity. “Our goal is to train and develop actors who know how to work, which creates consistency and continual professional opportunities.” When asked what the most important aspect of training is, Sandlan’s answer is surprising, “Listening.”

Meisner begins with the repetition exercise, where actors must slow down, and listen for slight changes and nuances when repeating with a partner. Actors must be fully present, tuning up their ability to hear and respond to subtext. The training also teaches you how to get the attention off of yourself, getting out of your head, and on to your spontaneous impulses. Meisner actors tend to bring impulsive, interesting and vivid behavior into their acting, which is what directors look for. This may sound simple, but simple does not mean easy. This is highly demanding work.

“Be prepared to work really hard, to be frustrated, to be sad, to go crazy, to lose some nights of sleep,” Natasha says. “It’s working at a different level, it’s mind blowing…harder than I ever imagined.” At the same time, she would recommend it to anyone passionate about acting. “I had never learned how to craft, how to emotionally prepare, and that’s what I’m doing now.” She adds, “It’s a huge gift, because [actors] get to learn so much about ourselves as humans.”

The Meisner 18-month Intensive begins January 5, 2023 and runs through July 2024 incorporating the entire two years of conservatory training into a condensed time frame.

Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00-5:00pm with the possibility for students to also add Movement, Voice, Theater History, Film History, and Stage & Film Combat to their schedule.

Actors will gain invaluable experience in auditioning, rehearsing, collaborating, and understanding what it requires to create authentic behavior for stage or screen. “Our goal at MFS is to provide the ultimate actor training, and the optimum student experience, so they can go on to do exciting, excellent work as serious actors.”

Enrollment opens today, but space is limited, so anyone interested in acting classes near me should apply soon. To interview for the Meisner 18-month intensive call the studio at (917) 789-1599 or visit: maggieflaniganstudio.com


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