Aircraft Management Provider Notes Huge Uptick In Charter Flight Market

Special Services Corporation (SSC), a Greenville based aircraft management company, would like to comment on the recent uptick in the market for charter flights. Demand has gone up, and experts expect it to remain high. The United States, a dominant player in the charter market, has seen an uptick of about 55% compared to 2020, which was affected by the pandemic. An influx of new, younger aviation customers has driven this change, creating what many are calling a big turnaround for the aviation industry.

As the industry continues to experience positive change, more and more people may find themselves in need of a charter company to manage their aircraft, and SSC is likely to be exactly what they need. The recent growth being experienced in the aviation industry presents an excellent opportunity for individuals and companies that want to purchase private aircraft to offset costs by having a charter company manage their aircraft for them. “We create a custom plan for each client, so that we honor their priorities and directives with their aircraft while maximizing the charter revenue they can realize from their aircraft,” says SSC.

SSC is among the most respected companies in the aviation community — and has been for over 60 years. The aircraft management company has a great deal of experience in operating and managing aircraft, which allows them to provide unmatched aircraft management services. They make it a point to listen to the needs of each and every client and come up with a comprehensive, tailored plan for each client through collaborative planning. Their experience also makes it possible for the company to keep costs very low without compromising on service and safety. Clients enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership with none of the hassle when they choose to work with SSC. Learn more about the company’s services and how to find a private jet charter in North Carolina by getting in contact with their representatives.

“The airlines are in a race to the bottom,” says the company. “In order to compete, they have cut out amenities and even basic services. No secret there. But what many people don’t know is that many of the charter companies have also endeavored to cut expenses wherever possible. Many companies have pilot and staff turnover issues as pilots search for opportunities where they make a better salary and have more predictable home time. As these charter companies struggle for short term profits and shareholder results, the quality of service has deteriorated.”

Some have complained that charters have been treating people like numbers, and their experiences have been better with airline crews. The company continues, “By contrast, SSC is interested in long-term relationships and is willing to invest what it takes to make that happen. Our pilots have been with the company for an average of 8 - 10 years, and we do our best to ensure we take care of them. In turn, they take better care of you and your team or your family.”

SSC prides itself on offering personal, professional and caring service while also being able to provide excellent service in a variety of fields. Their unique customer focus provides opportunity, flexibility, dependability and balance, making it possible to maximize aviation resources for less (in terms of both cost and risk). The goal at SSC is to provide added value not added cost when providing their aircraft management services.

Aircraft Management by SSC

A number of clients have left excellent reviews of the aviation management company online. One business consultant and sales training expert, Bill Lee, says about SSC, “I have taxied or had my aircraft towed over to SSC on several occasions when I am scheduled to leave on a tip. They have been able to do what’s necessary to quickly fix the problem and get me on my way.”

Another review comes from Jim Hamlett, Chief Pilot at Hummer I. The review says, “Trusting someone with such a large asset, and with the safety of ourselves and coworkers, requires a bank account full of trust, and SSC has that with me.”

For more information on SSC, their aircraft management services and private flights in Greenville, visit the company’s website. The team can also be reached by phone or email.


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