Albuquerque Tree Experts Declares 2023 an Environmental Improvement Year

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Following the findings showing that the environment worsens as days progress, Albuquerque Tree Experts earlier today declared to do all it takes to make the environment a better place again this year. The company's CEO noted that the company had decided to label 2023 an 'Environmental Improvement Year.'

"Our great-grandparents left a safe environment for us," said Brylee Dianna, the Albuquerque Tree Experts CEO. "The innovations made daily by humans today, however, have resulted in high carbon emissions, and hence the environment is no longer how it used to look earlier."

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"If we don't take care," continued Brylee Dianna, "the environment will continue worsening, and we will leave the most terrible environment to the coming generations."

"To prevent this from happening," said Brylee Dianna, "the Albuquerque Tree Experts team has decided to do everything necessary and within its abilities to improve the environment this year. My team and I have decided 2023 will become our Environmental Improvement Year."

Brylee Dianna revealed that some of the activities the company intends to take to improve the environment are planting and improving trees in neglected areas.

"There are a lot of neglected areas here in Albuquerque and its suburbs," said Brylee Dianna. "Albuquerque Tree Experts will make maximum utilization of these areas to ensure that before the year ends, there's a significant change in the environment."

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"The company plans to plant approximately 480,000 trees in these areas before the year ends," revealed Brylee Dianna.

"The company will also improve the trees in the local parks and public spaces to make them strong enough to take as much carbon emissions as possible," added Brylee Dianna.

Brylee Dianna revealed that Albuquerque Tree Experts had partnered with a nonprofit organization willing to assist Albuquerque Tree Experts in adding and improving trees in the forests and public spaces. Dianna noted that the support provided by this organization would allow her company to do much more for the environment in 2023.

"The project of adding and improving the trees in the forests and public spaces require a lot of money to become a success," noted Brylee Dianna. "Albuquerque Tree Experts, therefore, had to seek help from other sources to ensure that once the project started, it didn't stop due to a shortage of funds. Luckily, the company landed in the hands of a nonprofit organization based in Texas that promised to offer 60% of the money needed to complete the one-year project. The rest, Albuquerque Tree Experts can easily manage to raise from the other small businesses run by the company."

Brylee Dianna also revealed that Albuquerque Tree Experts had reduced its tree care cost charges to make the goal of achieving a better environment before the year ends a success.

"Although the company had recently reduced the service charges," said Brylee Dianna, "I still feel like some tree owners cannot afford the price. Therefore, Albuquerque Tree Experts found it thoughtful to lower the price again to the lowest possible price. The new charges will be effective as of tomorrow."

"By so doing," added Brylee Dianna, "every homeowner will be able to pay for all the tree care procedures and hence easily improve their surrounding environment."

Brylee Dianna confirmed that Albuquerque Tree Experts would be updating homeowners about the progress made by the company during the one year through the company media room.

"Any move taken by the company to improve the environment in the next year will be shared with homeowners through the Albuquerque Tree Experts media room," noted Brylee Dianna.

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