‘Am I An Addict’ Encourages Introspection Regarding Substance Use & Behaviors

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Scottsdale, AZ based Pathfinders Recovery Center is sharing information that can help people identify whether they are suffering from an addiction. Having received inquiries from people wondering if their habits or actions mean they have an addiction, the Center hopes that the new resources they have published on the subject will help clear the air and encourage them to seek treatment if necessary. See more here: am I an addict

In a recent article titled "Am I An Addict?", the Center shares the perspective of an individual who discovered that they had an addiction. They write, “A lot of people experiment with drugs and don’t become addicts. This is not true for most of us. When I began experimenting with opiates in high school, I thought it was all fun and games. How could this go downhill? You feel great and your mood is greatly increased. It’s fun to party with. How could it get to a point of not being fun?”

Am I an addict: a helpful guide from Pathfinders Recovery Centers to answer this question and provide treatment options

Prior to seeking treatment at Pathfinders, the writer says they found themselves homeless and committing petty crimes to fund their addiction. Stories like this are common among those suffering from addiction, but the takeaway should be that many of these journeys can also lead to sobriety and a fulfilling life. The first step, however, is important, and it involves the individual recognizing that they have a serious problem and need help.

“An addict is somebody that has formed an addiction to a particular substance. You become an addict when your entire life and routine revolves around your drug of choice. Your top priority is either getting high or looking to get high. All of your other obligations become unimportant. These are the top signs of drug addiction.”

One of the most prominent issues the writer identifies in the life of an individual with an addiction is the fact that they tend to surround themselves with people who lie to them — or rather influences that enable their destructive habits (or at least do not discourage them). While actively feeding an addiction, a person is likely to find themselves in denial, concealing their activities, downplaying the risks they take (both to themselves and loved ones) and generally hiding their addiction from the people who truly care about them. However, this is impossible to keep up forever or flawlessly, and it can have severe repercussions on their relationships well before the addiction is even discovered. It can take hitting rock bottom for the individual to come to terms with the idea that they are suffering from addiction.

“When you admit you have a problem, you have made the first step,” the article says. “It’s a giant step and should not be underestimated. You’ve done something commendable when you reach out for help and admit there is something wrong. When you are ready to be totally honest and upfront about it, you can get help a lot easier.” One question a person in this situation may immediately think of is whether they will be able to afford treatment. Here, Pathfinders states they should start by checking what their insurance will cover. See more here: How To Pay For Rehab.

The full article has many more insights to share that can help people determine if they are dealing with an addiction and what they can do to take their lives back. It says, “When you open up and begin to trust people who really want to help, it restores your faith in humanity and the overall process of addiction recovery. For the longest time, I didn’t think treatment would do anything for me. It would just be a big waste of time. How could I have known that if I never even gave it a chance?”

Pathfinders Recovery Center encourages all interested parties to read the article if they are concerned about themselves or a loved one. There are many other resources on the Center’s website as well, dealing with every aspect of treating an addiction. For instance, a reader can find more information on the treatments they may undergo for various types of addiction (alcohol, methamphetamine and so on) as well as tips on reaching out to someone else who they believe might be in need of intervention. They can also learn how to minimize out-of-pocket costs via insurance. Pathfinders recommends one article about rehabs that take Cigna insurance to begin with, though other articles on the subject are available as well.

Finally, should more assistance or details be required, all are welcome to contact Pathfinders Recovery Center directly. Their team is available around the clock.


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