AquaCrossings Offers Water-Based Pet Cremation, In-Home Euthanasia, and Skull Preservation in Phoenix

AquaCrossings is giving pet owners in the Greater Phoenix area a way to honor their beloved pet's memory and the planet at the same time.

The company offers sustainable water-based pet cremation in Phoenix, Arizona. The common name for the service that AquaCrossings offers is called Aquamation, a gentler alternative to fire-based cremation that uses an alkaline solution to gently mimic the natural end-of-life decomposition process. In nature this can take years, however, with advancements in technology, centers offering Aquamation can now complete the process in under 20 hours.

The founder of AquaCrossings, Matthew Mansour talks about the tranquil nature of the Aquamation process by saying, “You can either bring your beloved pet to our center in Tempe or we can arrange a pickup from your home. AquaCrossings will gently place your pet into the Aquamation chamber and start the machine which will circulate water around the body for around 20 hours. Once the cycle is complete, only the mineral components of your pet and a nutrient-rich effluent will remain. If you choose our private Aquamation services, your pet’s remains will be placed in a memory box with a paw print and fur clipping delivered to your home. The remaining effluent, which is nutrient-rich and completely sterile, will be returned to the environment.”

AquaCrossings also offers veterinary-assisted in-home euthanasia for pets in Phoenix through its partnership with local trusted euthanasia vets. Appointments can either be scheduled at the pet owner’s house or at AquaCrossings itself. The peaceful process begins with a sedative and once the pet is completely sedated, the euthanasia solution is administered. The doctor will then monitor the pet’s heartbeat to determine when they have passed. Clients can opt for a private viewing after the euthanasia to grieve their pet’s passing at AquaCrossing's center in Tempe. The euthanasia service at AquaCrossings starts at $300 and aquamation arrangements can be made directly with AquaCrossings.

For pet owners who want to preserve the memory of their loved ones, AquaCrossings also offers skull preservation for dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, hamsters, and amphibians through its partnership with a local taxidermist. Clients must choose whether they want to use the pet skull preservation service before the Aquamation process begins. The skull preservation artist will take the pet into their care and remove any remnants of tissue from the underlying bone structure using a combination of cold water and hot water maceration. The skull will then be placed in a glass display and can be filled with fresh or dry flowers for memorialization. AquaCrossings works directly with the family and taxidermist to ensure memorialization needs are met for each family choosing to honor their pet in this way.

Pet owners in the Greater Phoenix area have responded to the care and compassion of AquaCrossings' services. Its website and Google My Business profile are filled with testimonials from pet parents who are grateful for the company’s end-of-life services for pets. Pet parents are relieved to know that a gentler, more eco-friendly option exists to honor their pets. AquaCrossings has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating on its Google profile from over 50 reviews that speak to the level of detail and care they place into each pet and towards pet parents across Arizona.

In one of its latest reviews, a client described how hard the pet loss journey is and thanked AquaCrossings for being there with her through every step. The review says, “I had to put my sweet boy Jack down after spending 14 years with him. I'm still so devastated but I can tell you that Michelle is amazing and stayed by my side for weeks until the day came. I had a friend and a support system from day 1! I can never thank her enough for everything she did for me, and the beautiful gifts that I received so I can have pieces of Jack to hold for the rest of my life. I highly recommend AquaCrossings!"


For more information about AquaCrossings, contact the company here:

Matthew Mansour
1818 W 4th St, Tempe, AZ 85281