Bergen County Expungements Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Explains the Process of Expungement

Bergen County expungement attorney Adam Lustberg ( releases a new article explaining the process of expungement in New Jersey. The lawyer mentions that a criminal record can have a lasting impact on a person's future. However, it is possible to have a criminal record erased after the person has completed their sentence and lived a clean life.

"Expunging a criminal record is important because even though you've straightened out your life and are now a law-abiding, productive citizen, anyone can access your prior criminal record, including individuals, employers, insurance companies, lenders, educational institutions, and the public," the Bergen County expungements attorney says.

Bergen County expungement attorney

Attorney Adam M. Lustberg mentions that to have a criminal record expunged must be considered the individual circumstances. Some cases are eligible for expungement immediately, including arrests that did not result in a conviction.

The lawyer explains that once the record has been expunged, it will not be visible to anyone, including the public, nor any educational institution or agency. There are other crimes that cannot be expunged in New Jersey. This includes criminal homicide, kidnapping, and sexual offenses.

“There are waiting periods before your record can be cleared. The length of the waiting period depends on the crime committed. If you were sentenced to probation, community service, classes, or courses and were fined, these conditions must have been completed. Also, a certain amount of time must have passed since you were convicted, which could be anywhere from a few months to many years,” says the defense attorney.

Lastly, the criminal defense attorney emphasizes that it’s important to seek the help of an expungement attorney when it comes to expungement applications. An experienced expungement lawyer may be able to help the client have their criminal record expunged so that they may be able to start on a new, clean slate.

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