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Charlotte, NC based Asset Sales, Inc. is hosting auctions on behalf of clients who wish to dispose of their industrial machinery in as lucrative a manner as possible. The company’s specialities include a broad spectrum of industrial machinery auctions, appraisals, private sale treaties and liquidations, and their platform serves as a complete turn-key operation that is focused on the intricate details necessary to succeed. See more here:

Asset Sales’ top priority is the customer, and the company guarantees a hassle-free sales experience. As such, customers receive a comprehensive service that accommodates all of their needs both before and after the sale in question. To begin with, they employ a highly qualified team that is familiar with a wide array of facilities from various industries, and there are various departments in this team that are each responsible for a distinct aspect of the sale.

For instance, customers will want to present their assets in the best light possible in order to draw the eye of numerous buyers and drive up bids, so machinery and equipment should be cleaned thoroughly. The Asset Sales team begins by doing exactly this on a customer’s behalf, preparing the asset in question for the next step. After they clean and lot the machinery and equipment, it will be photographed professionally, and descriptions will be written for the accompanying catalog and brochure. This is necessary because Asset Sales wishes to give their customers every advantage possible in front of the buyer, so assets are always advertised in as many media sources as possible (the company already has a network of trusted partners who help complete this particular task).

From here, the asset is auctioned, the relevant parties are invoiced, funds are collected from the buyer and then it is checked out and removed from storage. Asset Sales handles each and every one of these steps in order to ensure minimal involvement from the customer, allowing them to trust their assets to the company and focus exclusively on running their business or other pressing matters. They only need to contribute by letting the company know their preferences and sales goals at the beginning of the process. Asset Sales will take over from there. See more here:

Given the nature of the assets involved, the company understands that mistakes can be quite costly. To eliminate any chance of human error, they exclusively employ individuals whose expertise is in the related field, be it metalworking, woodworking, plastics, construction and so on. The team has successfully handled machinery and equipment on the scale of individual pieces as well as entire manufacturing facilities, so customers can always expect nothing but the most accurate, transparent and reliable work when they choose Asset Sales to handle their auction.

That's why Asset Sales focuses on 3 phases of the auction process for a successful auction for their clients.

Outright Purchase - Get paid cash before the sale. After agreeing on the list of assets and terms and conditions of the sale, Asset Sales will send clients a deposit. The balance will be paid before the auction sale. It's an easy process.

Guaranteed Participation - This is Asset Sales most popular offer for those who don't mind a little risk! They guarantee clients a specified amount and then split the procees over that amount plus expenses. This method gives clients a chance to participate in the profits along with them.

Commission Sale - This type of sale is commonly used throughout the action industry. Asset Sales would host an auction sale onsite on the clients behalf. The only charge clients would incur would be expenses plus a commision on the items sold.

Asset Sales offers a number of services that are tailored to help businesses sell off their unwanted assets, and they are able to work with industrial equipment and machinery, as well as real estate. Customers are welcome to contact Asset Sales, Inc. today to follow up on any further inquiries or get started on preparing an asset for auction. They can also learn more about the company here:


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