Cheese Board And Knife Set Receives Rave Review

Texas based Roots To Table is pleased to highlight feedback from a customer who was delighted with their cheese board and knife set. Posted on the company’s Amazon page, the review describes the product as a must-purchase for all who love wine and charcuterie boards.

“I am so happy I got this!” says Kyle in their review. “I’m terrible at keeping track of my small knives. They are super cute with my cheese board, and this was a lifesaver! The material is professional quality (super easy to clean), and the knives that come with it cut through the harder cheeses! This is the perfect size for date night as well! Half the time, I get a charcuterie board, I want to fill it to the brim, when it's just the hubby and I at home for a movie night and end up throwing away half of it, but not this one! 10/10 recommend!”

According to Roots To Table, the review actually touches on several design choices that the company intentionally made during production, and the team is glad to hear that customers are enjoying the direction they took. As mentioned, many boards aim to do too much and wind up having far too much space for smaller events or gatherings. Most customers, the company reasoned, would enjoy using a charcuterie board with their closest friends or family members, and this generally does not require a great deal of space. Roots To Table sought to create a board that was the perfect fit for most families and individuals looking to socialize. This means it is generous enough to allow for a wide array of choices, but not so spacious that it takes more room than is welcome. Based on the glowing praise they have received in this Amazon review and others, they appear to have been successful.

However, this is far from the only reason customers love the cheese board and knife set. Roots To Table calls it their The All in One Charcuterie Board Set for a reason: it packs a number of features that are not apparent at first glance. For instance, the set contains a hidden compartment for cutlery (cheese knives) that can easily slide out when required — and then be slipped back into place while in use. The company also chose to include a full set of stainless steel cheese knives, namely the fork, almond, chisel and narrow plane, which together mean that every kind of cheese imaginable can be enjoyed with the right utensils.

The board itself is made from eco-friendly, sustainably grown, 100% natural Bamboo. Every board the company manufactures for this line is stain and odor resistant, which is excellent given that they are meant to host a variety of cheeses, meats and other snacks that might otherwise leave traces behind even after a wash. Roots To Table adds that the underside of the serving board has been fitted with plastic protectors, providing a medium that keeps it raised off tables and countertops. Again, this serves to help avoid the incidence of unwanted stains.

While the company says their cheese board and knife set is, as the name implies, primarily meant for cheese, this should not stop their community from experimenting with other kinds of snacks and bites. In addition to meat, for instance, many customers have already written to Roots To Table to indicate that they frequently enjoy a menu of biscuits, fruits, nuts, breads and even savory items from a wide range of cuisines. Many also enjoy these snacks with a glass of wine, the perfect companions for a quiet evening alone or with friends.

Roots To Table’s cheese board and knife set has been purchased many times as a gift, and the company is extremely proud of this fact. They encourage their community to get in touch with their stories and feedback, especially regarding times they enjoyed using the board. Since the company is always looking to improve, they also welcome insight from customers whose preferences may vary. The Bamboo Charcuterie Cheese Board and Knife Set can be found on the company’s Amazon page.


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