Custom Pool Builder In The Hills District Your Local Pool Builder Announces The Launch Of New Website And Services In Sydney

Your Local Pool Builder, a company offering high-quality pool plastering services in Sydney’s suburbs, has announced the launch of its new website and services for homeowners in Dural, NSW, and nearby areas.

The spokesperson for the company announced, “Your Local Pool Builder helps enhance the beauty and durability of your swimming pools for everything from custom homes to extensions, knockdown rebuilds, and custom pools and renovations. Visit our new website to find out more about everything we can do for your Sydney property. We also have a gallery that features the work we have done for Suburban Sydney homeowners so that you can get a firsthand look at the quality you can expect from us. Call us today to ask us about our range of pool plastering services and their myriad benefits.”

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Pool plastering is the process of surfacing the interior of a swimming pool to enhance its appearance, durability, and functionality. Apart from plastering new pools in recently constructed homes, the company also offers replastering services to replace the original plaster or surface material of older pools that may have become worn, stained, and damaged over time due to factors like chemical imbalances, weather, and usage.

“Replastering helps extend the pool's lifespan and enhances its visual appeal,” says the spokesperson. “We begin by draining the pool, chipping away the old plaster, and repairing any structural issues, Next, we apply a bond coat to ensure adhesion. Finally, we add a new layer of plaster or an alternative surface material like pebble or tile finishes. This process requires specialized tools and expertise to achieve a smooth and durable result. If you have a pool that hasn’t been replastered in a while, give us a call and we will run you through the many ways in which our services can make it feel as good as new.”

Pool replastering revitalizes its appearance, creating a fresh and inviting environment. The new surface is also less prone to stains, cracks, and leaks, thus reducing maintenance and repair costs. Moreover, the smoother surface is gentler on swimmers' skin and clothing. Replastering can also enhance the pool's overall hygiene by eliminating rough areas where algae and bacteria could accumulate.

The spokesperson for the Sydney inground pool builder summarizes, “By investing in pool replastering, you can ensure a safer, more attractive, and longer-lasting space for your enjoyment. For Sydney homeowners, Your Local Pool Builder is always available to help you take your pool experience to the next level.”

Your Local Pool Builder has already earned the love and admiration of several Sydney homeowners who praise the company for its meticulous and detail-oriented pool plastering services, its crew members' professionalism, friendly customer service, and high-quality work delivered. The company even boasts a perfect 5-star rating on its Google Business profile.

Alicia Vega says, “They did a phenomenal job remodeling our pool. Abraham gave thoughtful recommendations with both aesthetics and economics that led to our envisioned finished project. The crew was respectful, hardworking and took the time to get our pool chemically balanced and ready for swimming immediately upon completion of the job. Velazquez Pools was a great choice and gets a five-star rating for value, service, and professionalism!”

Deborah Humphrey says, “You did an excellent job resurfacing our pool and the price was fair. Everyone was pleasant, polite, and hard-working. I was unhappy at one stage of the process and the owner along with 6 others showed up on Saturday at 8:00 am and straightened it out. Very responsive to my concerns (I am picky!). They came out every day for the next 9 days to brush the sides and get the chemicals right. Work was done in the week, and the water was ready in a few more days. Great Service!”

Readers in Dural, NSW, and nearby Sydney suburbs can get in touch with Your Local Pool Builder in the Hills at or (02) 5301-3397 to inquire about its services or to book an appointment.


For more information about Your Local Pool Builder, contact the company here:

Your Local Pool Builder
Mitch Newby
(02) 5301 3397
4/829 Old Northern Rd
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