Denver Interior Designer Renovates Iconic Colorado Property

Denver, CO - Ashlie Adam Interiors has been selected to lead a new renovation project for the famous Mountain Star home above Boulder, Colorado. After multiple years of upgrades, this iconic property is ready to experience a dramatic remodel that will add lively hues and cozy vibes to its interior design.

Ashlie Adam Interiors is planning to completely change every surface in the home and incorporate more natural elements into the home design. By introducing fresh elements, the breathtaking vistas outside will be reflected within the space. The design team is also bringing in a warmer, richer tone of wood to complement the reddish coloring on the rocks that the home is built around. To further enhance the beauty of the home, they are supplementing various textures to their materials and incorporating deep green and blue tones that emulate the evergreen trees in the surrounding area.

Ashlie Adam Interiors

Ashlie Adam, the principal designer of Ashlie Adam Interiors, wants to preserve the modern aesthetic within the home, while also making it more warm, inviting, and cozy. Her team is choosing materials that will not only add personality and coziness to the space but also harmoniously match its current design.

"It's not just about what we're adding to the home's interior, it's also about uncovering what's already there," says Ashlie Adam. "The ceilings have beautiful wooden beams that were painted over so we're removing the paint to reveal their natural texture. This will help the space to capture more of that outdoor Boulder, Colorado feel."

The renovation of the Mountain Star home is set to be a transformational project that will enhance the beauty and functionality of the space. Moreover, it will help to bring the home's interior more in line with its stunning natural surroundings and make it a true masterpiece of modern architecture.

Ashlie Adam Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Denver, Colorado. With an enthusiasm for making beautiful and practical spaces, Ashlie Adam Interiors' design team is devoted to crafting tailored solutions that surpass their client's expectations. From beginning to end, the firm works diligently with customers to guarantee that their dream space becomes a reality—one which both looks amazing while serving its purpose.


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