Driftwood Texas's Premier Outdoor Lighting Company Now Offering More Landscape Lighting Choices than Ever Before

Blingle Premier Lighting of Driftwood, Texas continues to be the go-to outdoor lighting contractor for many in the Southwest Austin area. A privilege it has earned by offering outstanding outdoor lighting installation services that are nicely complemented by excellent customer care. As the fall and early winter holiday light season comes to a close, the company is now getting ready for the busy spring outdoor lighting season. Something that Blingle Lighting of Driftwood is ready for as they are now offering more outdoor landscape lighting choices than ever before.

A representative of the company says, “We here at Blingle Lighting are so excited for the upcoming outdoor spring lighting season. That’s because we have so many landscape lighting solutions to choose from. Each of which is designed to make Austin area homes stand out more at night and make pathways and other landscape features safer to walk on and around in the evening too.”

It all starts with the company’s many years of outdoor landscape lighting experience. It helps their knowledgeable design team come up with outdoor lighting plans that are impactful and unique. The company spokesperson says that it also helps that they use hard-to-source lights that are extra bright so they can be seen from further away and those are always hooked into some of the most durable and well-designed lighting cables and junction boxes. He says the simple but innovative technology that they use all comes together to make the outdoor lighting systems they supply and install look great and last a long time. The team at Blingle Premier Lighting have the knowledge and experience necessary to nicely illuminate patios, decks, porches, gazebos, grills, and fire pits. The company spokesperson says that people also must see to believe the incredible lighting concepts that they have designed for pool areas, outdoor kitchens, and tiki-type bar spaces.

The company spokesperson reminded not to forget about their popular and versatile home accent lighting options either. They have specially designed outdoor lights that can bring to life at night a home’s roof ridge line, garage area, and decorative windows. He says that with properly placed outdoor home lighting, there is no reason that a home can’t look at good at night as it does during the day. Their design team knows exactly where to place outdoor lighting on a home’s features to give it a better nighttime look. They can even bring to life a home’s steps and outdoor walls with specially placed lights and add professional Low Voltage LED Lighting, String Lighting, Patio Chandeliers, and other types of distinctive lighting features. One of the lighting services that is becoming even more popular at Blingle Lighting of Driftwood is its dock lighting design and installation work. Just as they do with all their outdoor lighting projects, their design team knows just what it takes to light up a dock area so that it nicely accents a property’s water’s edge without it being too overbearing. This holds whether they are working on a property near Canyon Lake, Lake Travis, or elsewhere along the Colorado river. He stated that their dock lighting projects not only will add to the nighttime looks of a property that’s near the water but will also help make it safer to depart and come back into a dock area once the sun has gone down.

The company added that their light installation crews are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the state and they know the importance of treating customers the right way. They are always available for no-cost consultations that are followed up by quick estimates that the customer is under no obligation to accept. Those that would like to know more about the many outdoor lighting options that Driftwood Texas's Premier Outdoor Lighting Company offers can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out and sending in the form that’s found on the Blingle Premier Lighting website. That website also contains many beautiful samples of this world-class lighting service’s Southwest Austin area outdoor lighting creations.


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