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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that offers helpful resources on addiction treatment and rehab, has recently updated its resources on crack addiction treatment and recovery. In addition, they provide resources on rehab for people addicted to crack cocaine and those with cocaine use disorders. And lastly, they provide an article that focuses on withdrawal signs for those who are struggling to stop the use of crack cocaine and the best ways to manage these withdrawal symptoms and finally get on the road to lasting recovery.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug derived from coca leaves in South America and has been classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Crack, or freebase cocaine, is a type of cocaine that is in the form of small white rocks and are to be used for smoking. Smoking crack cocaine allows for a more intense and immediate high. Thus, crack addiction may be one of the most difficult to overcome, especially alone. Crack is a highly addictive substance and like methamphetamine, it prevents the neurotransmitter dopamine from being reabsorbed.

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Continued use of cocaine causes the body to get used to the substance and builds a tolerance towards it. This results in people increasing the amount ingested in order to get that same high. Side effects of using crack include: constricted blood vessels, dilated pupils, nausea, raised body temperature and blood pressure, fast or irregular heartbeat, tremors and muscle twitches, restlessness, weight loss, chest pain, and intracerebral hemorrhage (bleeding within the brain). Long term effects include: cognitive dysfunction, high risk of relapse, psychosis, and increased risk of developing movement disorders. Treatment for crack addiction includes medical detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. A cocaine vaccine is also being developed to provide cocaine-specific antibodies to protect the brain. Various behavioral treatments are also available.

Unfortunately, the success rate of rehab for crack addicts has been quite low. Statistics indicate that only 25 percent of people struggling with a crack addiction continue to be sober for six months after treatment in a crack rehab center. The largest issue is that many of them who sign up for outpatient treatment don’t complete the recommended course. Those who sign up for inpatient treatment have been found to have a 70 percent better chance of having at least two years of sobriety after treatment.

The most effective treatment for crack addiction appears to be behavioral therapy, which examines the behaviors as a way to find out what might have led to the drug use. Computer-assisted behavioral therapy, which allows patients to learn healthy coping skills using games, multimedia quizzes, and homework assignments has been found to be an even more successful method. Medication is also being investigated as a way to effectively treat crack addiction but there has been little progress on this.

The physical withdrawal symptoms experienced by users of crack usually last for a week. But the mental withdrawal symptoms may last from one week to six months. Heavy users may even experience a longer period of withdrawal. This is a dangerous period for crack users and it is recommended that they enroll in a detox facility to ensure proper monitoring and that medical treatment can be provided in case there is a need for it.

Find Addiction Rehabs was established with the primary goal of providing helpful information resources to guide people who are looking for rehab treatment facilities for addiction either for themselves or for their loved ones. They provide information on their website that is composed of expert articles and guest blogs, which means that it is not the usual directory listing or directory website that only offers lists of rehab facilities. Instead, the website functions as a comprehensive information center for various types of addiction problems and behaviors and the modern methods for treatment to assist those who are struggling with an addiction to help them begin their journey toward recovery.

Those who would like to find information on treatment for crack addiction and rehab facilities, including info on crack withdrawal, can check out the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them on the telephone any time of day or night for more information, with same day placement possible!


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