Gait Doctor Known for Providing the Best Custom Foot Orthotics in Auckland Welcomes New Member of Their Team

Dr. Cherye Roche, who is also known as the Gait Doctor in Auckland, New Zealand, provides what is considered to be the best custom orthotics for feet in Auckland is happy to announce they will have a new member of their team, Anke Gordon. She will work as a clinical/ professional assistant to Dr. Roche and Dr. Chad Gordon in the clinic. She will assist with the dispensing and fitting of the custom orthotics, serve as GaitScan technician to perform GaitScans, and provide support to patients to ensure they are treated like a VIP.

The Gait Doctor team can help patients suffering from body malfunctions resulting from poor foot posture. During the patient’s first visit, a GaitScan analysis will be performed. The patient will be asked to walk across a pressure plate as a way to evaluate the dynamic pressure distribution of the feet while walking. The scan results will be examined by Dr. Roche together with the patient and these will be compared to the results of the physical exam. The outcome will be the prescription and crafting of custom functional orthotics to support and improve the foot and the whole body biomechanical function.

Gait Scan Technology

When suitable for the patient, Dr. Roche or Dr Chad Gordon will make some recommendations with regards to the inclusion of orthotics to the care plan of a particular patient, including the kind of orthotics that would be most appropriate for the type of foot and footwear needs of the patient. A printout of the GaitScan reports is also given to the patient so that they can show it to other healthcare professionals they are seeing whenever necessary.

Dr. Roche wants to emphasize that when orthotics is prescribed properly, it may alleviate many health issues that result in pain and abnormal gait and posture. She says, “Some of the problems we solve include: great toe pain (bunion / hallux valgus), painful big toe (hallux rigidus), ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia), Morton’s neuroma, hammer toes, foot arch pain (plantar fasciitis), heel pain (heel spur or Achilles tendonitis), equinus ankle, shin splints (tibial tendon disorder), low back pain (lumbar strain), sciatica (lumbar disc protrusion), hip pain (piriformis syndrome), collapsed foot arch (pronation syndrome), runners knee (IT band syndrome / patella tracking syndrome), and jumpers knee (infra-patellar tendonitis).”

For a bunion (hallux valgus), which is where the great toe is bending sideways, custom orthotics can be used to assist in the balancing of the foot to reduce the stress on the great toe where there is a bunion. For the painful big toe (hallux rigidus), a custom orthotics with a suitable rocker bottom footwear area can be designed to minimize the stress on the big toe joint and help in rolling the foot forward while reducing pain in the toe area.

Custom orthotics may be used for patients suffering from pain in the ball of the foot or metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia is a common problem affecting the joints, muscles, and tendons of the forefoot resulting into pain. For Morton’s neuroma, a personalized orthotic device may be designed to prevent the abnormal bone rotation and nerve entrapment. This may alleviate the pain at the location of the neuroma.

For hammer toes, a custom orthotic device may be designed to help in redistributing the pressure to counteract the muscular imbalance that is causing the contraction of the small toes. This can be used with appropriately fitting footwear with some clearance over the toe.

Dr. Roche is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a a biomechanist but prefers to specialize in biomechanics and custom foot orthotics, which can help people who are suffering from hip, ankle, knee, or foot pain. She is focused on providing biomechanical assessments and GaitScan analysis. She studied kinesiology and exercise physiology at the University of Washington in the US, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree and a certification as an athletic trainer. She was also an intern at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and took on the role of an exercise physiologist before she went to Chiropractic College.

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