Hearthstone Dental Specialists Is Offering Gentle Root Canal Therapy In San Antonio, TX

Hearthstone Dental Specialists, an endodontist serving San Antonio, TX, is sharing the many benefits of root canal therapy and how the dental clinic offers it using the latest techniques and technology.

As one of the most common dental procedures, root canals save a patient’s natural teeth and prevent the need for dental extraction. Some of the root causes of the condition can be a diseased pulp, inflammation, or infection due to decay or trauma. The general symptoms that suggest a patient might need a root canal include severe tooth pain, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, swelling or tenderness in the gums and blood vessels, or a darkening or discoloration of the tooth.

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During the procedure, dentists begin by removing the damaged pulp and then filling the space inside the tooth with a special material. The filling is cleaned and shaped to restore the tooth’s natural functionality and appearance as accurately as possible. The procedure also helps relieve pain and prevent further infection or decay.

The entire process takes about an hour to complete at Hearthstone Dental Specialists. Patients are given local anesthesia to keep them comfortable throughout the procedure. The endodontists also offer specific aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. If the tooth has an unusual anatomy that makes it difficult to clean and fill, the clinic’s endodontist uses his years of advanced training to perform the procedure with the utmost precision without the patient going through any additional pain or discomfort.

“We know just how scary root canals can be for our patients,” says Dr. Wisam Sakr from Hearthstone Dental Specialists. “So, to ensure our patients are relaxed during the procedure, our entire team focuses on keeping them informed and stress-free throughout. Our caring and compassionate staff members are always there to help address your concerns and help you achieve optimum oral health. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain or just need a routine checkup, give us a call today to find out more about the clinic and our procedures.”

The full range of services offered at Hearthstone Dental Specialists includes endodontic treatments such as root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, apicoectomy, cracked teeth treatment, dental trauma treatment, internal bleaching, sedation dentistry, and endodontic microsurgery and periodontics treatments such as periodontal examination and diagnosis, scaling and root planing, periodontal care, periodontal surgery, dental implants, soft tissue grafting, crown lengthening, bone grafting and regeneration, and gum disease treatment.

Hearthstone Dental Specialists has been repeatedly praised by San Antonio residents for providing high-quality dental care while keeping patients comfortable and anxiety free during the procedures. For its compassionate dental staff and its responsive customer service, Hearthstone Dental Specialists has even earned a perfect 5-star rating on its Google Business Profile from 50 reviews.

A recent review says, “When I found out I had to have more than 4 root canals done, my heart sank because I didn't think my anxiety would allow it. From the moment I walked in the door at Hearthstone, I was met with warm smiles and genuine accommodating energy. I thought I'd sweat myself off the dental chair for the first procedure, but the gentle, caring voice and hands of Dr. Sakr kept me grounded. The process was pain-free, and I appreciated him talking me through each step…With Dr. Sakr and his team, with confidence I can say; you're in great hands!”

Another patient writes, “5-star experience at Hearthstone. I went in for a root canal since the previous one I received recently from another dentist failed. Dr. Sakr was able to retrieve equipment left in my tooth from the other dental practice and locate the root that was missed by the other dental practice. Dr. Sakr was amazing and post-op care was excellent, he is always available for questions and followed up personally. I highly recommended Dr. Sakr.”

Readers can contact the San Antonio dentist's office at (210) 942-8482 for inquiries about Hearthstone Dental Specialists or to book an appointment.


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