Highland Shipping Store Explains Ground Vs. Freight Shipping

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Highland, Ill. — From large merchants shipping packages all around the world to the average Joe mailing heavy packages to family members, choosing the right type of shipping can be difficult. The Mail Box Store, a package drop-off center in Highland, IL, is highlighting the differences between freight and ground shipping to help their customers make the best decision when sending packages, big or little.

“Freight” is defined by FedEx as "any shipment weighing more than 150 pounds. Freight transportation is the movement of goods, commodities, and freight in bulk by ship, aircraft, truck, or intermodal train and road. It can be moved both domestically and internationally by land, air, or sea.” Freight shipping has its own set of regulations, which are quite distinct from those for small shipments. It is critical to locate a "freight specialist" that knows how to navigate the freight world and deliver dependable, efficient and safe transportation at a reasonable price.

Ground shipping is the term used to describe any delivery that is made by truck or rail and is usually the most cost-effective way of transporting items. It pertains to parcels, which typically weigh less than 150 pounds and need strict packing methods to ensure they reach their destination intact. Ground shipping packing materials include corrugated mailers or boxes, as well as poly bubble mailers, which are ideal for small, domestic shipments.

The Mail Box Store is a modest, family-owned and operated packing and shipping store, dedicated to assisting the community with a variety of packing and shipping services, as well as U-Haul rentals and much more. They aim to connect their customers to the rest of the world with the products and services they sell, whether it is for business or personal needs. For more information about freight or ground shipping or to inquire about any other services offered at The Mail Box Store’s Highland location, customers can give them a call at (618) 651-4700 or visit their website at www.themailboxstore.net.


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