Hotelicopter Launches Website To Help Find Hotels For 18-Year-Olds

New York, NY based Hotelicopter has launched a new website to help 18-year-olds find hotels. The website will make travel easier for adventurous young adults who want the safety and comfort of seasoned establishments. See its current listings and start planning a future trip at the following link:

According to the team behind Hotelicopter, one of the main reasons people in this age group do not rely on hotels is the fact that many do not allow 18-year-olds to go through check-in. As such, friends and family, in groups that do not have an older adult, would be obliged to seek lodgings elsewhere. This may in turn require them to use home share apps if they still want to make the trip, especially if they cannot stay with people they know in the area.

“Apps that let you rent out your home on a short-term basis blew up a while ago,” states a representative from Hotelicopter, “because they offered travelers an affordable or more exciting alternative to pricey hotels and similar establishments. Over time, however, many have begun to feel that the viability of these services has plummeted, at least for the average traveler. The cost of these hotel ‘alternatives’ can now exceed hotel rates — without offering any amenities. Today, many are returning to hotels where they can expect a range of customer-oriented services that make their stay more enjoyable.”

The representative continues, “This may be especially true for young adults, but some hotels sadly do not allow 18-year-olds to check-in. Since it would be extremely inconvenient to find this out right after a long trip, you can use our listings to ensure you can expect a smooth experience. Hotelicopter is hard at work engaging with hotels across the country to find the best places for you to stay, and we can accommodate a number of other requirements in addition to your age.”

Notably, Hotelicopter does not discourage users from using any alternatives they are familiar with. Many good deals can still be found, and a seasoned traveler can often identify which places may seem too good to be true. Airbnb, youth hostels, campervans and more can give travelers flexibility in other areas of their trip or even offer a totally different experience. It is up to the individual or group to determine what they are looking for and what would best serve that purpose.

Similarly, travelers come in all kinds, and their goals can be highly personal. Some may be traveling to enjoy a romantic trip, others will be visiting family and need a place to sleep and several may even be on a sight-seeing tour of everything the USA has to offer with their friends. Whatever their reason for travel may be, Hotelicopter seeks to make it easy for users to gauge whether a hotel has what they need.

The website encourages users to plan out the perfect trip, with all the amenities they may desire, before they go hunting for hotels. If they wish to bring pets, plan an all-inclusive romantic adventure or simply enjoy the most luxurious comforts an area has to offer, they may do so with Hotelicopter’s help. The website primarily lists hotels that have been confirmed to allow 18+ check-in, but it can also help users find hotels that offer more specific services. Those looking for an affordable place to rest the night on a much longer journey, for instance, may do so with the website’s help. It lists a range of hotels, from the most luxurious to the most budget-friendly.

“If you are 18,” Hotelicopter’s representative states, “your trip should not be limited by your age. Hotels are typically allowed to set and enforce their own age restrictions, so you may mistakenly book a stay somewhere that only allows guests 21 and older to go through check-in even if the state says otherwise. With our help, you will never have to deal with this.”

Despite its recent launch, Hotelicopter has already updated listings for numerous states, and the team is constantly working to add more as time goes on. It has a great deal of information to share on local hotels, and users are welcome to use it to start planning their upcoming trips today.


For more information about Hotelicopter, contact the company here:

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