Industrial3D Releases 2022 Demo Reel

Tulsa, OK: The 3D production company Industrial3D announced its 2022 demo reel. As a new year brings new clients, ideas and growth in 3D production, a new reel is necessary. In corresponding with Industrial3D’s new rebranding, it is worth announcing a new 2022 demo reel.

Industrial3D was founded in 1995 as an animation company for the oil and gas industry. As a hobby, I3D's founder Beau Brown animated standard processes and equipment associated with oil and gas production. In 1995, I3D became an animation & design studio, now serving companies around the country.

Industrial3D 2022 Demo Rell

With each year comes a new group of clients, marketing, products, and media production. The progress of each year can be seen quickly in a demo reel. It evolves, changes, and evokes emotion as I3D displays the incredible new work for amazing companies. Privileged to be working with top-notch industrial companies needing immersive media design, product models and animated video production – this new reel displays a snippet of Industrial3D’s work.

Industrial3D's reel will show a variety of clips showing fluid animations, valve installations, transportation video production, 3D simulated parts, immersive technology, product explainer videos and much more.

Visit Industrial3D’s blog post at to watch the full demo reel.

About Industrial3D: Industrial3D is a media, marketing, and communications agency specializing in computer animation, serious games, and VR & AR design. Industrial3D's goal is to help companies visually impress and engage their audience to increase sales, revenue, and efficiency. 3D animation, VR, and 3D graphic design communicate a product's value in an easy-to-understand and highly impactful format.


For more information about Industrial3D, contact the company here:

Beau Brown
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401 S. Boston Ave, Suite 105, Tulsa, OK 74103
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