Insurance Navy Opens Fourth Texas Location

HOUSTON - Adding to their undeniable growth and presence in the Houston metropolitan area, Illinois-based insurance brokers Insurance Navy opened their fourth Texas insurance office in West Houston by Oakpark Place last Thursday.

"Insurance Navy has only been in the Texas market for two years now," says Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh. "The competitive car insurance is what drew us here in the first place. In this short time, we've become accustomed to matching drivers in Houston with some of the most low-cost car insurance policy options available. We also found that some of our insurance products are more popular with customers living in the state of Texas than those in Illinois or California. This new fourth insurance office in Houston will help us meet that new customer demand for low-cost car insurance in Houston along with gaining further hands-on experience and presence in the state as we have been doing for the last two years."

Insurance Navy Car Insurance

The address of the new insurance office location in Houston is 8619 S Richmond Ave. The surrounding area is known for the shopping centers with big-name retailers and sizeable malls. The new location is a diverse shopping destination for insurance as they specialize in far more insurance products than just auto insurance coverage.

"Beyond low-cost car insurance, we also provide homeowners insurance, business insurance, renters insurance, roadside assistance and so much more. Our most popular service is SR-22 auto insurance for high-risk drivers needing assistance reinstating suspended driver’s licenses and keeping auto rates comfortably low. A Texas favorite is Mexican car insurance wherein drivers can have their vehicles insured while going on road trips down south and crossing the border into Mexico," Sneineh said.

Not only is Insurance Navy opening their 4th location but earlier this summer, they also began offering fully binded non-standard car insurance online for drivers in Texas in what is an industry first. Non-standard car insurance is known for having a costly tier for insurance premiums. High premiums are due to reasons such as: Traffic violations on driving record; At-fault accidents; Multiple insurance claims in the past; A poor credit score; Or something as serious as a DUI (Driving Under the Influence).

Another case of non-standard car insurance is if the insured policyholder does not own the car but drives it regularly and needs auto insurance coverage. Young drivers who just got their driver's license also count as non-standard drivers needing non-standard car insurance.

"Usually, drivers looking non-standard car insurance must make a visit or call one of our insurance office locations," says Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Sneineh. "Binding insurance is a fancy way of saying that car insurance coverage can fully be bought online through an insurance companys website. It's more convenient, automated, and also secure."

The new location has been open for a week now and new policyholders have been reported. Insurance Navy can always be reached at (346) 429-5860 or online on their website.


Insurance Navy provides non-standard car insurance to drivers for liability coverage that meets their state’s minimum limits. Insurance Navy specializes in providing SR22 insurance, which is a certificate of financial responsibility for high-risk drivers. They also offer homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and roadside assistance to complement their auto insurance offerings.

Insurance Navy is dedicated to helping our customers connect with trusted companies to find the best and most cost-effective insurance policy. Regardless of your level of risk, Insurance Navy provides options for auto, home, and life policies that make being covered easy and affordable. Above all, Insurance Navy prides itself on high-tier customer service.

Insurance Navy serves customers throughout the United States in three ways, in person at one of our retail locations, over the phone at 888-949-6289, and online at


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