Investables Inc. Can Help People Own a Luxury Watch Like Rolex Through Fractional Ownership

Investables Inc., a company based in Wilmington, DE, is pleased to announce that they can help people own a luxury watch like Rolex through their fractional ownership platform. They have recently announced the availability of their fractional ownership platform for people who want to invest in expensive items, such as art, rare wine and luxury watches, but lack the funds to purchase them. Using advanced technology, their platform allows people to get one step closer to owning a luxury watch because they are able to purchase fractions of the watch for as little as $50, and gradually build up their portfolio, until one day they can finally own 100 percent of that watch. Their recent press release can be accessed at

Dmytro Lokshyn, one of the founders of Investables, says, “Luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, Audemar Piguet, Patek Philippe, Breitling, and others have seen an increase in value by 86% over the past 10 years. Not only is this an astonishing number and one of the best reasons to invest in luxury watches, but it makes luxury watches the number 1 performer among alternative asset investments, outrunning fine art, jewelry, and other luxury accessories. According to Art Market Research, the price of luxury watches has grown by 5.1% in the first half of 2021 alone. While crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are experiencing biggest drops of their lifetime, and major stock market players like Meta (Facebook), Netflix, and Google are down between 25% and 60% YTD, the less-liquid market for watches shows steady growth with every passing year.”

And among the luxury watches, Rolex is number one, outpacing other brands with an average price growth of 15 percent. Thus, in addition to fulfilling their dream, investing in watches solves another problem - the instability of traditional financial markets. Luxury watch brands offer an alternative asset class offering advantages over traditional financial markets not just in terms of ROI but also in terms of compound annual growth rate (CAG), which is the rate of return that would be needed for an investment to grow from its beginning balance to its ending balance. The luxury watch market is predicted to grow at 4.3 percent CAGR until 2025. Furthermore, it is important to note that supply is nowhere close to the demand levels for investing in luxury watches.

Meanwhile, fractional investing is the latest way of investing in luxury watches. A fractional ownership platform like Investables allows retail investors to buy a small fraction of a luxury. For instance, a luxury watch may cost $50,000 but with fractional investing, an investor can invest as little as $50, which makes him or her a part owner of the watch. Investables will be doing all the work, such as buying the watch, authenticating it, insuring it, and storing it. They will then divide the initial price of the watch into equal fractions, usually by applying blockchain technology. Then the watch is auctioned on their platform where users are able to bid for fractions of buy a full watch at a set price. The only disadvantage of this kind of arrangement is that those who buy a fraction will not be able to really touch or feel the watch unless they become a full owner. The advantage is that the reason this is not possible is because the watch is insured and safely locked. Investors can let their money grow until such time they are able to afford the full price of a watch.

Founded in 2022, Investables Inc. was established to provide a fractional investment platform focused on collectibles. With this platform they expect to break down the usual barriers faced by investors and instead offer a gateway that allows anybody to enter the world of alternative investments. They have a team of experts in fintech and blockchain technology to bring the best out of these technologies into the world of investables.

Those who are interested in learning more about the fractional investment platform can check out the Investables Inc. website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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