JG Beacham Electric Provides Free Electrical Inspection In Savannah

Savannah, GA - The family-owned and operated company, JG Beacham Electric, offers free inspection in Savannah, Georgia.

Through their electrical inspection services, they notify clients of any potential electrical hazards from general neglect, age, or incorrect installation. JG Beacham Electric's inspection team also suggests conserving energy and lowering long-term power expenditures. In addition, electrical inspections by JG Beacham Electric can verify that the clients' house or property has a safe and dependable power source.

JG Beacham Electric is proud to share that they have over six years of experience. The Electrician Contractor Savannah has been providing a full range of electrical services in the area. Thus, they can handle any electrical needs for residential and commercial customers, regardless of size or scope.

"Our electricians at JG Beacham Electric are well-versed in the newest technologies, methodologies, industry standards, and building codes. We also maintain the highest level of quality that anyone can expect from an electrical contractor," the company says.

The Residential Electrical Services Provider is proudly servicing the Savannah community. They handle everything from electrical outlets and ceiling fans to emergency generators and recessed lights, interior and outdoor lighting, panel replacements, and house rewiring. They likewise handle any electrical wiring needs, from basic repairs to emergency generator installations, office and warehouse repairs, and repairs to new construction, build-outs, and remodeling.

JG Beacham Electric also installs and repairs indoor and outdoor lighting. They cater to recessed lighting, wall sconces, chandeliers, under-cabinet lighting in bathrooms and kitchens, and outdoor lighting. The Savannah company uses the most advanced lighting technology, such as LEDs and smart devices.

Meanwhile, JG Beacham Electric's primary priority is comfort and safety. This is why their electricians are always available, no matter what electrical issue the clients are facing or what hour it is. Similarly, JG Beacham Electric is proud of its dedicated and hardworking personnel. Customers may have confidence in its services due to the expertise of its electricians and technicians.

Founded in 2016, JG Beacham Electric focuses on the qualities that separate them from the rest: outstanding customer service, trustworthy employees, and dependable workmanship. "We believe that by providing these three things, our customers will appreciate and recommend us to their friends and family," the company adds.

Besides Savannah, JG Beacham Electric is proudly servicing Pooler, GA too.

To know more about Professional Electrical Services from JG Beacham Electric, clients may call them at 912-598-6230 or visit their location at 414 E 35th St, Savannah, GA 31401.


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