Joey’s Food Fight Owner Travels To Orphanages On Hunger Relief Mission

Highland Park, Illinois -

Highland Park, IL based Joey’s Food Fight, an online cooking show hosted by celebrity chef Joey Morelli, has been providing assistance to orphanages around the world. Joey’s Food Fight is different from most internet cooking shows in that the show focuses mainly on helping underprivileged communities while also being sustainable and entertaining.

The show consists of Joey Morelli, the founder and star of the show, traveling to orphanages where he builds kitchens and teaches the orphans and organizers to source and cook their own food. The result is a fun, educational and self-sustaining show that does a lot more for orphanages than simply donating funds.

The show invites audiences to join chef Joey as he travels around the world and cooks for kids in some of the most remote locations around the world. Joey's Food Fight aims to be inspirational while giving back to those in need in this manner. The chef calls it, “cooking for a cause.” In each episode, Morelli visits an orphanage and does all that he can to help them find ways to prepare healthy, tasty food.

“At Joey’s Food Fight, our mission is to empower and educate children in orphanages worldwide through the power of cooking,” says the web show. “We believe that by teaching them valuable culinary and life skills, we can help them become self-sufficient and confident individuals. Our approach is both educational and entertaining, making the learning process enjoyable for the kids we work with. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we aspire to collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our passion for making a difference in the lives of children in need.”

Joey’s Food Fight was founded, is run by and is named after Joey Morelli, a chef with a global audience. Morelli has always been passionate about giving back to the community. His background in restaurant management and culinary arts (along with the many years he has spent in the restaurant industry) have equipped him with all the knowledge and skills needed to work in almost any kind of establishment imaginable. The chef has worked in several successful businesses, and he uses the skills gained doing this work to help orphanages and other such institutions create more productive food practices.

Joey Morelli is driven by his love for cooking and desire to help children in need. Joey’s Food Fight was born of a desire to share his skills and his unique sense of humor to underprivileged people everywhere. Closer to home, Morelli is a board member for StandUp for Kids Chicago. He also provides food to teen shelters three times a week and more. Everything he does is fueled by his commitment to making a difference. The chef has worked with a large number of other organizations, like Hope for the Silent Voices, to create a greater impact on and change the lives of children in need. Viewers can see some of the work that chef Joey is doing around the world in the form of short videos on TikTok. Visit Joey’s Food Fight’s TikTok at the following link:

The Joey’s Food Fight team cannot do the work they do without the support of their viewers from around the world. With their viewers’ help, Joey’s Food Fight provides young people with the skills and resources they need to become self-sufficient. Viewers that want to help are invited to donate through Joey’s Food Fight’s website.


“I firmly believe that by educating children in orphanages worldwide we can empower them to become self-sufficient and confident individuals,” says Joey Morelli. “My mission is to empower and educate children in orphanages worldwide by teaching them how to source and cook delicious food. Through Joey's Food Fight I aim to visit 10 different countries and build kitchens in orphanages, providing meals and teaching culinary skills. You can witness the direct impact of your support and donation by visiting my social media channels.”

Visit the Joey’s Food Fight website to learn all about the ways in which Joey Morelli is changing the world one kitchen at a time. The show’s website can be found here:


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