Laminar Consulting Discusses The Ways Custom Application Development Can Reduce Fraud In Businesses

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Orange County, California, 2022: Laminar Consulting Services, Orange County’s leading business software service, discusses the ways custom application development can reduce business fraud. The report was compiled by the company’s software experts and published on Laminar Consulting’s website to highlight the importance of custom software solutions for businesses.

Financial technology has revolutionized payment methods in the current global environment. Companies are abandoning traditional payment methods in favor of these new technology methods. Although this shift has made everything much easier to access, it has also created new pathways for crime and fraud. Cybercrimes are estimated to cost companies and organizations up to $90 million by 2022. This publication aims to address the need for mitigating cyberattacks through custom application development.

According to Laminar Consulting, the report was produced after in-depth research by their experts. The report's primary focus is on some ways custom application development can reduce fraud. The new article further sheds light on what custom software development services entail. The experts in the report explained why it is critical for businesses to hire custom software application development services to help businesses mitigate financial fraud. The report was published as part of their regular research on custom application development. The full report can be found here:

“Although there are different software options in the market, custom software development is the most flexible and customizable option when it comes to Finance or FinTech. The publication analyzes how custom application development can help companies reduce the risk of financial fraud,” said Laminar Consulting’s spokesperson. “We’ve been in the business for years as one of the best full-service software development and consulting services. In this time, numerous businesses have worked with us to learn more about custom software development in order to control fraud and improve security.”

Laminar Consulting is a reputed software solutions service that offers clients everything from cloud migration services to custom application development. According to a top company insider, their goal is to make the business’s technology efficient, up-to-date, and easy to use. By implementing smart designs, they expect to boost the quality of their services while also adding to them through innovative tech solutions. Laminar Consulting’s mission is to offer streamlined software solutions for their clients to add to the quality and satisfaction their customers look for. They believe they can build on their reputation as top-tier software development and consultation with their expertise and transparency.

The website also hosts an extensive library of online resources on IT, business tech, and innovative technologies. It aims to help businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs by delivering information, advice, research, analyses, and practical tips on the use and utility of modern technologies. “Our approach to software is rooted in expertise and transparency. Our highly skilled and qualified team will offer the quality, efficiency, and customer service that every client deserves,” said a spokesperson from the company.

The software solution providers have continued to rate high on Google and Yelp, with Clients' 5-star reviews attesting to its success; as one client put it, “All goals and needs were met in less time than anticipated. The process was well thought out and ran smoothly. Their team's ability to correctly assess needs, align the correct team, and execute without the need for many meetings impressed.”

Being a full-service computer engineering company, Laminar has always provided its QA software testing services for web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, internet of things devices and apps, and cloud services. For more information on their cloud migration services, readers can visit their page:

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