Lansing Michigan Podiatrist Provides Plantar Warts Treatment Using New Saorsa Swift Wart Removal Machine

Michigan Foot and Ankle Center, a podiatry practice in Lansing, MI, is offering plantar warts treatment using a new Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine. Plantar warts are warts that develop on the plantar areas or soles of the feet that bear the person’s weight, thus making them painful or uncomfortable. People who have plantar warts will typically want to have them removed because of the pain and discomfort they bring when the person affected is standing, walking, running, and doing other activities that exert pressure on the warts. The Swift machine provides a convenient and fast way to eliminate the warts using microwave energy. More about the practice and the treatments they provide can be gleaned by visiting their Facebook page at

The Swift wart removal machine is a surface based device designed for the coagulation of soft tissue using non-invasive procedures, and it has already been cleared by the FDA for use in the United States. It is a revolutionary way of treating warts and other conditions of the skin that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of microwave energy. Through the application of microwaves, the temperature of affected tissue is increased rapidly to stimulate the natural immune response that will then get rid of the warts.

The Swift machine is equipped with a compact microwave generator that delivers the required microwave energy into the body. To allow easy guidance of the microwaves and make sure they are directed precisely at the affected tissue and avoid healthy tissue, it is equipped with an applicator that is shaped like a pen with an activation button for turning the microwaves on or off. This applicator has a disposable applicator tip, which is designed to prevent cross-contamination since warts are contagious. This tip is for single use only and a new tip has to be used for each new patient. The machine is equipped with a sensor that detects if the tip has been replaced with a new one and will not allow it to operate until a new tip has been attached.

Microwaves provide a safe way of treating plantar warts since they don’t cause any damage to the DNA. This is because the Swift machine uses an 8 GHz frequency and the microwave energy is a form of non-ionizing radiation. In addition, the microwave energy delivered has a very low dosage as it only needs sufficient energy to agitate the water molecules in the affected tissue to increase its temperature quickly, as opposed to laser and electrocautery treatments.

The Swift microwave therapy machine also provides the benefit of cleaner treatments. No smoke or plume is produced during the treatment, unlike with laser and electrocautery devices. Studies have also shown that there is no scarring because the treatment doesn’t cause any cut in the skin, which also means that there will be no bandages or dressings. The microwaves are also assured to travel only to a certain predetermined depth and will not go beyond 6.5 mm in the skin. The usual treatment requires only a depth of 3.5 to 4 mm in the skin, which can be set by the podiatrist.

Michigan Foot and Ankle Center offers the skills and expertise of a podiatry team led by Dr. Gary L. Cesar, DPM, who has received special training in general podiatry and foot surgery. He has the capability to perform special procedures like MLS laser therapy for foot, ankle, or heel conditions. The practice has offices in Lansing and Mount Pleasant, MI, providing personalized care for each patient. They accept various kinds of insurance plans and welcome new patients. Some of the conditions they have provided treatment for are: foot and ankle pain, bunions, warts, flat feet, toenail fungus, hammertoes, Achilles tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis. They can provide foot surgery, shockwave therapy, custom orthotics, MLS laser therapy, and Swift wart removal.

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