Las Vegas Eye Institute Answers the Question: Can LASIK Make You Go Blind?

Las Vegas, Nevada -

The Las Vegas Eye Institute, a vision correction center based in Las Vegas, NV, released an article discussing the common question, ‘Can LASIK make you go blind?’ Dr. Matthew Swanic, the founder and surgeon of LVEI, explained that, with the current advancements in refractive surgery technology, it would be highly unlikely for LASIK to cause blindness.

A few things that can vary results for these procedures are the equipment used and the care taken after. LASIK is a vision correction surgery performed by creating a flap in the eye’s cornea, then adjusting the shape of inner layers of the cornea with an excimer laser. The flap is then put back in place, where it will self-heal. As with any medical procedure, there are risks and complications, though Dr. Swanic assures that safety and final results have only improved in the 12 years he has been performing these procedures.

One potential factor that could affect the results of a LASIK procedure is the equipment being used. The flap can be made using a femtosecond laser, such as LVEI’s Carl Zeiss Visumax femtosecond laser, or a microkeratome, a device with a precise, oscillating blade. Current microkeratomes are safer than the original versions that were used in the 1990s, though they don’t quite have the microscopic precision that the laser will.

Post-procedure infection is also a risk, as it is with any surgical procedure. The LASIK surgeon should provide all patients with antibiotic eye drops to use pre- and post-LASIK to minimize the risk of infection. Dr. Swanic notes that those who wear contact lenses are at a much higher risk for an eye infection than those getting LASIK surgery. He explains, “most people wear contact lenses for a VERY long time, from teen years to age 60 […] 45 years x 365 days is over 16,000 days that your body needs to defend itself from bacteria instead of 3-4 days post LASIK.”

The Las Vegas Eye Institute has released many articles on the subject of common LASIK questions, including, “What Happens if I Blink During LASIK?”, “How Long Does LASIK Take?”, and “How Long Does LASIK Last?” To learn more about LASIK, check out the Las Vegas Eye Institute website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

Las Vegas Eye Institute is headed by its founder, Matthew Swanic, MD. Dr. Swanic is a UCLA fellowship trained cornea and refractive surgeon, specializing in advanced cataract and LASIK surgery. He believes in laser vision correction so strongly that he had PRK done on his own eyes in 2010. He has obtained a certification on the advanced Visx iDesign 2.0 platform and can perform bladeless LASIK with the Carl Zeiss Visumax femtosecond laser. He ensures a tailor-fitted solution for the patient’s eyes by employing multifocal and toric lenses of different designs. He has also obtained a certification on the J&J Catalys laser for femtosecond cataract surgery.


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