Los Angeles’ Top Detox Center Offers Family Systems Therapy to Resolve Family Issues That Can Drive Addiction

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Los Angeles, California — Addiction doesn’t affect only the addict but ensnares the entire family unit in guilt and stress. Parents, siblings and other close relations may even cause the addiction to get worse as they try to help their loved one overcome the disorder. This reality is at the heart of The Detox Center of LA’s Family Systems Therapy program, a unique approach that helps addicts and their families work through the complex dynamics that drive addiction.

Family Systems Therapy is one of many cutting-edge therapies at The Detox Center of LA, which is part of a nationwide network of addiction treatment centers for those who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. The Detox Center of LA offers a safe, stable haven where clients can cleanse their body of drug and alcohol toxins under 24-hour care from a trained, certified professional staff.

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After detox, clients at The Detox Center of LA usually transition to residential care but may move instead to an outpatient program if it’s deemed to be more appropriate. Outpatient treatment options are offered during the day; clients work with medical professionals but return home at the end of each day’s treatment. They include the Partial Hospitalization Program, providing access to medical and psychiatric care at the same location, and the Intensive Outpatient Program for moderately addicted clients who do not need a round-the-clock care setting.

Whether in residential or outpatient treatment, the goal for all clients at The Detox Center of LA is the same: to find and overcome the root causes of addiction through counseling programs like Family Systems Therapy.

When someone is struggling with addiction, family members often feel guilt or shame that they could not do more for their loved one; they may even blame themselves for the problem beginning in the first place. Family members endure a great deal of stress from another person’s addiction, which disrupts regular routines and causes frightening experiences. Children of addicts live with constant chaos and fear: watching police question or arrest their parent, listening to family members argue about the addictive behavior, having to move frequently because of financial problems. Family members often develop unhealthy coping methods to try to resolve these issues.

Family Systems Therapy approaches addiction treatment by examining the interactions within the family unit. Family therapists seek to identify the roots of certain behaviors by observing family members and identifying each person’s role to determine how it contributes to the dynamic.

This means, of course, that there must be as much family participation as possible, and everyone must be willing to come together to benefit the loved one suffering from addiction. Treatment cannot proceed successfully without honest, open communication between the therapist and each other.

During family therapy sessions, the therapist begins by acting as a neutral observer. The therapist prompts family members to interact and discuss issues, takes notes and deciphers clues to how the family behaviors may affect the addict’s desire to self-medicate and escape problems.

Family Systems Therapy is a critical component of treatment because family members need to be willing to accept the role of support as their addicted loved one goes into recovery. A lot of people get sober. The ones who stay sober are those who have developed a solid set of relapse prevention resources. Family Systems Therapy can help them build many resources they need for long-term recovery.

Anyone who feels family issues are driving their substance abuse or the addiction of a loved one should visit The Detox Center of LA or call 888-346-4350 for more information.


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