Lowcountry Eye Care to Offer Avulux Anti-Migraine Lens Technology

Lowcountry Eye Care has announced that they now offer Avulux glasses lenses, an innovative lens technology that’s designed to prevent migraines. Avulux utilizes precision filters that let in certain light spectrums, like green, while blocking almost all red, amber, and blue light, which have been proven to induce migraines. Lowcountry Eye Care hopes to use the lenses to provide patients with relief from their migraines and support their mission of providing high-quality care.

“We’re thrilled to be offering Avulux lenses,” said Dr. Joe Pitcavage, co-owner and optometrist at Lowcountry Eye Care. “Being able to help people who are suffering from migraines with an advanced solution like this is what our care is all about. We want to help patients with issues they might not realize have anything to do with their vision, and I don’t think patients realize just how much light sensitivity can do to trigger migraines. Avulux is such a seamless migraine remedy, and I know our patients will love it!”

Avulux lenses work by filtering out 97% of red, amber, and blue light, which has been shown in clinical studies to be a trigger for cellular secretion of a photopigment called melanopsin. The photopigment’s increased production is associated with light-triggered pain and a higher incidence of migraines. By regularly wearing Avulux lenses, the majority of this light can be filtered out and migraines can be greatly reduced. And with the use of precision filters, these lenses allow over 70% of visible green light to pass through, which can help ease migraine discomfort.

“I love that Avulux lenses can fit into nearly any new frame. We have such a great selection of eyewear at our practices, so you’ll never have to worry about sacrificing fashion for functionality,” said Dr. Wes Shealy, co-owner and optometrist at Lowcountry Eye Care. “Just like how a migraine doesn’t discriminate based on what you’re doing, neither does this solution. Your Avulux lenses can be prescription or non-prescription, and you can wear them at any time and place. It’s wonderfully convenient for those who suffer from migraines.”

“Other migraine-blocking lenses use grey filters,” added Pitcavage. “Grey filters were less successful in past studies, and they didn’t offer the soothing benefits that Avulux’s precision filters do. By reducing light sensitivity in the first place, we finally have a reliable preventative solution that doesn’t rely on pharmaceuticals. At Lowcountry Eye Care, we aim to be Charleston’s go-to practice for innovative, advanced, and truly comprehensive eye care, which is why I’m proud to offer this lifechanging technology to our patients.”

Lowcountry Eye Care is open and taking appointments for new and existing patients.

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