Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Ryan Besinque Discusses Successful Joint Custody

Manhattan child custody lawyer Ryan Besinque releases a new article ( discussing successful joint custody in New York. The lawyer mentions that co-parenting may be an ideal arrangement for the children when things go smoothly. However, in this setting, parents must be able to work together and ensure that the best interests of the children or the child are being protected.

“The biggest factor in a successful co-parenting relationship, or any relationship for that matter, is communication. The ability to share information and ideas is a must when it comes to raising children, whether in the same household or separate ones. Quick phone calls, texts, and emails are the best tools to share information,” says the Manhattan child custody lawyer.

Manhattan child custody lawyer

The lawyer explains that a parent will have to inform the other parent if they are running late for an exchange, need to reschedule a visitation, updates from teachers, and other matters that may affect parenting time. There are many reasons why parents need to communicate with each other. Without proper communication, joint custody will not be successful.

Attorney Ryan Besinque also adds that cooperating with the agreement is also very important for parents to have successful joint custody. It is important that both parents are able to rely on the other parent to follow through with the agreement. Failing to consistently meet expectations will lead to disappointment, and potentially contempt of court, and likely make co-parenting impossible.

In the article, attorney Besinque adds that collaboration is also very important in joint custody. Collaborating will ensure that what they learn from each parent instills their shared values and shapes their future.

According to the divorce lawyer, “A part of collaboration is inevitably going to involve compromise. Successful co-parents will be able to roll with the punches and take the occasional loss with the understanding that a compromise is usually only a temporary concession that promotes the long-term goal of stability for the children, as well as the co-parenting relationship.”

Lastly, attorney Besinque emphasizes that it’s very important to seek the help of an experienced child support attorney in matters related to child support. Having a skilled attorney may be able to help when it comes to creating agreements with child support and help them when it comes to understanding their rights and responsibilities.

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