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UK based Matt G Tarrant Marketing + Coaching is reaching out to inform his community about an opportunity for free sales training for businesses that engage in B2B cold calling. As an accomplished marketer and entrepreneur, Tarrant has a wealth of experience in attracting the interest of customers and partners alike, and he looks forward to sharing this knowledge with his community. In particular, he hopes that his insights will help small and medium-sized businesses forge better relationships that support their future growth. See more here:

Tarrant is also conscious of the fact that many others, with experience in countless industries, have information to share that could greatly benefit the average business owner. Recently, he discovered a new resource of this nature that he believes everyone who is serious about making cold calls work should watch: an episode of Steal Our Winners in which host Rich Shefren interviews serial entrepreneur Brad Hart. During the episode, Hart shares that he recently told a client to avoid the one-call close for their high-ticket program. Instead, Hart says they should try scheduling what he calls a ‘no-pressure call’ prior to every official sales call. This is also known as the ‘two-call close.’

New Sales Call System

Tarrant comments that businesses should carefully consider this approach, especially when it comes to contrasting it with other well-known tactics or strategies. Where many might believe that their team should universally aim to achieve the one-call close, Tarrant says there is much to be said for avoiding the pressure this causes altogether as it has negative consequences for all parties involved.

In fact, Hart goes on to reveal that his client saw their closing rate rise to a staggering 82%. This was bolstered by the fact that they were able to gather critical market data (by having a frank conversation with the prospect), were able to win the prospect’s trust (by leading with a conversation that had no obligations) and also saw an increase in call bookings and show ups.

Tarrant acknowledges that it is tempting for owners and manages to extol the virtues of the one-call close since it appears to offer huge returns for a relatively minor investment. However, the true cost of the one-call close lies in the fact that, over multiple prospects, it results in fewer booked calls and lower closing rates. It also requires an experienced closer to accomplish on a consistent basis, and such personnel are often in short supply, especially in businesses with smaller teams. A no-pressure call, however, drastically lowers the bar for success, giving even relatively inexperienced teams more time to form a lasting connection with a prospect. While it may not appear to be as glamorous, the undeniable fact remains that it is both simpler and more effective overall.

However, there are certain techniques that a business can use to ensure that their two-call close also enjoys the highest rate of success possible. Tarrant says they can learn more about this technique — and the best way to implement it — by watching the Steal Our Winners episode with Brad Hart. Notably, anyone can sign up for free if they intend to watch.

According to Tarrant, the full video includes certain essentials that every business needs to improve their closing technique. To begin with, Hart shares every step in his 7-part ‘no-pressure’ sales formula that closed 82% with just two calls. Second, each prospect will be most likely to accept a business’ offer at a certain point, so knowing how to identify this point is crucial. This is shared in the video as well. Next, Hart explains how asking a series of seven specific questions during the no-pressure call can help a business pre-sell their offer. To learn more, a business need only sign up for free and watch the full 38-minute interview.

Tarrant points out that the video also comes with an Action Guide that can help businesses find their way as they put the lessons they learn into practice for the first time. He also intends to share more resources in the near future. Those interested are welcome to follow Matt Tarrant on social media to stay up to date with his latest news, recommendations and other updates.


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