New York City Estate Planning Attorney Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski Discusses the Work of an Estate Attorney

New York City estate planning lawyer Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski releases a new article ( explaining the role of a New York estate planning attorney. The lawyer says that it can be difficult to accumulate assets and estates. Estate planning is basically about planning for the future and making sure that the estate of an individual is distributed according to his or her wishes.

"Estate planning is not just a dry set of legal directives and forms ruled by the law. It is the heart and soul of the culmination of a lifetime's plans. At The Matus Law Group, we treat it as such. Regardless of legal planning complexities, we understand the momentous responsibility you have entrusted us in designing and planning a tailored estate plan," says the New York City estate planning lawyer.

New York City estate planning lawyer

The lawyer explains that estate planning involves planning special needs child's future and care through trusts. A trust can help legal protect an estate and ensure that the child receives all public benefits. Once the child turns 18, they will still be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits.

The estate planning attorney mentions that New York requires the creation of a will when going through the process of estate planning. This document describes the wishes of a person regarding how their estate should proceed after their death. Without a legal will, the probate process can be complicated and lengthy.

Attorney Carranceja-Gurski mentions that a Will is an important tool in estate planning. A will allows a person to make a will that leaves his or her real and financial property to the people they or choose. A will can also be made by the person to decide who will be your legal guardians for your children.

Furthermore, the lawyer says that a will is a good starting point but trust can sometimes be a better option. Trusts can provide tax benefits and asset and estate protection. These features might not be possible with a will. A trust can be used to provide tax benefits and estate planning, according to the lawyer.

Lastly, the estate planning lawyer emphasizes the importance of having an experienced lawyer in estate planning matters. An experienced attorney may be able to help clients understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as guide them in making the right decisions.

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