Off-Island Dental Guides Patients In Choosing the Best Removable Braces

Bluffton, SC - Off-Island Dental Care, a Bluffton-based dental professional, offers expert advice to patients needing Removable Braces.

Removable braces are ideal for gently aligning teeth, modifying the bite, and correcting minor teeth issues. They can be taken out and need not be worn all day, but a dentist will decide how long to keep them. With several options to choose from, Off-Island Dental gives an overview of the different options for removable braces that help restore attractive, natural smiles.

One option is Invisalign, which is used to straighten teeth discreetly. Patients do not need to wear brackets and metal wires with Invisalign since the treatment plan consists of numerous removable aligners. These aligners may be removed for eating and drinking.

Another alternative offered by Off-Island Dental is a retainer. This removable orthodontic accessory is necessary for keeping the teeth alignment once a treatment plan has been completed. Another option is headgear, a detachable orthopedic functional brace that helps resolve growth disparities. Typically, headgear is recommended to treat an extreme overbite.

"We are experts in general and cosmetic dentistry, and our removable braces are a great option for those looking for an affordable and convenient way to improve their smile. We invite you to come to experience the Off-Island Dental difference!" says the dental practitioner.

The Best Dental Clinic in Bluffton SC can also handle various dental needs, from simple tooth cleaning to more complex procedures. These include preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures to enhance oral health and smiles.

Off-Island Dental specializes in a large array of dental services to satisfy the needs of each patient and bring out their beautiful smile. "We will aid consumers in choosing the best dental treatment for their specific requirements," the dental practitioner asserts.

They handle any of the following services: Dental Fillings, Composite Fillings, TMJ Therapy, and Teeth Whitening. In addition, the dental professional handles Microabrasion, Veneers, Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, Root Canal Therapy, Oral Surgery, Oral Hygiene, and Gum Disease Therapy.

As part of its commitment to reach out to more patients, Off-Island Dental Care also offers its Dental Discount Plan. The special membership plan provides access to general dental operations at a discounted rate. The plan provides a $5.00 discount on routine dental cleanings and a 20% discount on most dental services. Memberships are good for one year beginning on the date of service or payment. Individual and family membership packages are also available for the plan.

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