Pathfinders Recovery Center Explains Symptoms Of Cocaine Overdose

Aurora, Colorado -

Aurora, Colorado based Pathfinders Recovery Center is sharing their resources on the symptoms of cocaine overdose with their community. To ensure this information will be useful in the right context, they are also sharing a timely and effective guide that outlines the important steps to take in this potentially fatal circumstance.

While some people might have the misconception that it is not possible to overdose on cocaine, this could not be further from the truth. While cocaine has become a glamorized drug, despite its many negative portrayals in Hollywood and other media, its potential for destruction is often overlooked as a result of the constant barrage of opioid and meth overdose deaths that now feature in the news and other platforms.

Find symptoms of cocaine overdose, and get drug addiction treatment Colorado at Pathfinders Recovery Center outside Denver CO in Aurora

Individuals who have battled cocaine abuse disorder and came out the other end know exactly how debilitating a cocaine addiction can be, however, and unless the dangers of cocaine are properly understood by the current generation, it is likely that there will be an ongoing rise in substance abuse disorders. On top of this, people should also be aware of the symptoms of cocaine overdose and what to do in such a situation.

According to Pathfinders Recovery Center, cocaine and meth are about neck and neck when it comes to overdose deaths, with both hovering somewhere between the 12,000 and 15,000 deaths-per-year mark since about 2016. This is clearly indicative of a persisting problem, and it makes knowing what to look out for in case of a cocaine overdose all the more crucial.

During a cocaine overdose, the heart rate and blood pressure spike. If help is not sought immediately, these levels are high enough to lead to additional complications. Additionally, cocaine overdose victims will display the following signs: enlarged pupils, intense sweating, labored breathing, high body temperature followed by clammy skin, loss of color, convulsions, twitches or tremors, complaints of chest pain/numbing in one arm, dry mouth and unconsciousness.

The rehab center emphasizes that people going through a cocaine overdose are in an extremely dangerous situation, especially considering the potential for heart damage. One of the greatest risks associated with an overdose is the potential to experience a heart attack or other heart-related issues. If someone is exhibiting cocaine overdose symptoms, it is critical to get them help immediately. Pathfinders Recovery Center recommends calling emergency services immediately and then administering CPR.

Those currently battling a cocaine addiction should seriously consider rehab, as engaging in long-term cocaine usage can lead to a potentially deadly list of side effects. These effects include cardiovascular issues, skin conditions affecting the face, loss of nasal cartilage structure, heart attack and stroke risk, heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety/depression, paranoia/psychosis and more.

While it may initially seem like a momentous task, Pathfinders Recovery Center assures that it is possible for anyone to complete their journey of recovery. With the right help, they have a real shot at long-term sobriety. The team at Pathfinders Recovery Center understands that lasting recovery takes a strong team with experience and compassion, and they provide all the resources those recovering from addiction need to start their life anew.

Along with the fully detailed guide to cocaine overdose symptoms, Pathfinders Recovery Center is also making available a drug tolerance guide for those wondering whether their substance use is problematic and whether tolerance can be a sign of addiction. Drug tolerance is a condition that is characterized by increased tolerance towards a certain drug, requiring higher dosages for them to work effectively, and this tends to develop into severe substance use disorders — and a cycle of addiction. Often, people dismiss this and are of the mistaken perspective that it does not require treatment, which could not be further from the truth. More often than not, this belief can lead to them falling into a critical condition.

Pathfinders Recovery Centers’ clinicians would like to make it known that they have helped hundreds of clients past even the most severe cocaine dependence, and into lasting recovery. Any and all interested parties are warmly invited to inquire with their Admissions team about bed availability and any related concerns. Those who want additional resources into drugs and their effects may wish to take a look at the rehab center’s guide to CNS stimulant drugs (like amphetamines). They also maintain a presence on several social media platforms.


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