Pensacola Hooters Girl Makes History for Bayou Fox Franchise

Destin, Florida -

Bayou Fox Hooters, based in Pensacola Beach, FL, is delighted to share that their very own Aly Vargas has finished in the Top 5 of the 2023 Miss Hooters International Pageant in Vegas. This makes history for the Bayou Fox Hooters Franchise as she is the first of their girls to place in their entire 33 years of business.

To many, Vargas’ placement in the Top 5 will not come as a surprise. She already had a string of achievements and victories behind her, and she was considered a strong competitor as the 2023 Miss Hooters International Pageant drew near. Vargas’ most recent victory, for instance, was being crowned Miss Bayou Fox Hooters, the same victory that earned her the right to compete in Vegas.

Eagle-eyed Hooters fans may recognize her from other pieces that hit the news as well. A handful of years ago, she was the 2021 Miss Hooters Fan Favorite. The following year, she became 2022 Miss Hooters Louisiana, and she took a well-deserved spot in the 2023 Hooters Calendar as Miss July.

As a Pensacola Beach Hooters Girl, Vargas is grateful to everyone who supported her on this journey. Competition for the top spots was always expected to be fierce, and she is reportedly proud that she was able to come this far. While her fans are likely to be eager to learn what is next for her, no immediate plans have been announced. However, it is expected that she will continue to represent her community in new ways as time goes on.

For their part, Bayou Fox Hooters expresses deep pride in Vargas’ achievements, and they are already looking forward to celebrating with her as she returns from Vegas. As a restaurant that values its connection to the community, Bayou Fox Hooters also expects to share this joy with everyone who stops by over the coming days and weeks. Those interested may leave their wishes for Vargas on the Pensacola Beach Hooters Facebook page, but they may also want to visit the location in person — as much for the food and hospitality as to greet a Top 5 Hooters Girl of the Miss Hooters International Pageant.


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