Physical Therapist Clinic in Denver Announces New Hire, Erin Tomasik

Physical Therapy Specialists

Physical Therapy Specialists, based in Centennial, CO, is happy to announce the hire of their new physical therapist, Erin Tomasik. She obtained her master’s degree in physical therapy in 1997 from Springfield College. She was a clinic manager and practiced in sports medicine and orthopedics in Colorado, Georgia, and Massachusetts for the past 25 years. But she has decided to shift her passion, skill set, and professional journey to pelvic health for men and women, including post-partum and prenatal care. She has trained runners as they prepared for marathons across the US. She is certified as a Level 3 Medical Professional by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to evaluate the physical limitations of golfers and assist in the creation of programs to optimize their performance. She is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA). And she applies her expertise in manual treatment and exercise to help optimize her patient’s complete and safe return to activity.

Dawn Sandalcidi, owner of Physical Therapy Specialists, says, “We would like to welcome Erin Tomasik to the company. We expect to be working with her for a long time as we offer physical therapy to our patients with a one-on-one treatment model.” She adds, “Our treatment approach is unique, specialized, and provides individual one-on-one care. Our goal is to get you in a place of sustaining wellness. We like to work with your health and wellness team by collaborating together to return you to what you used to do or try something new! We work closely with Yoga, Pilates, Barre, a Nutritionist, and movement therapists who best fit your needs and take you where you ultimately want to be.”

Erin Tomasik

Physical Therapy Specialists use the Integrated Systems Model (ISM) to evaluate musculoskeletal issues from head to toe. This requires understanding the relationships between and within several regions of the body and how disablements in one area can affect the other areas. For instance, a pronated food can result in a rotation of the pelvis and this can result in back pain, pelvic pain, and poor movement.

Physical Therapy Specialists has expertise in the following therapies: connective tissue mobilization, visceral manipulation, core stabilization, joint mobilization, myofascial release, rehabilitative ultrasound imaging (RUSI), soft tissue mobilization, functional trigger point dry needling / intramuscular manual therapy (IMT), and surface EMG/biofeedback. And they are experts in the following modalities: cold laser therapy, iontophoresis, cupping / gua sha, and ultrasound.

Physical Therapy Specialists offers back pain therapy, golf physical therapy, headache therapy, incontinence therapy, pelvic pain therapy, prenatal therapy, postpartum therapy, and TMJ therapy. When treating back pain, they employ a variety of tools, but they focus on manual therapies, motor control of core muscles, education, strength, and flexibility to address and resolve the pain. They also integrate ISM and a comprehensive entire body approach.

They also provide golf movement analysis and therapy and Erin Tomasik is their certified physical therapist who applies the most recent strategies in golf-specific health and fitness with methods employed by the TPI to physically screen and recommend exercise to golf athletes.

They can also offer treatment for headaches using physical therapy. This will require the identification and resolution of the root causes of the headache pain, thus allowing the patient to enhance their ability to take part in everyday activities, such as school work, recreation, and sports.

Founded in 1989, Physical Therapy Specialists has a vision that is uniquely different from other clinics. They are focused on the specific needs of each individual patient in a private environment. Currently, their goal is still to treat patients depending on their specific requirements. This is done in a one-on-one private setting that allows them to help each patient return to function and get back to those activities that they believe are vital for their daily lives. The specialized physical therapy they provide is done in a collaborative, practical, and compassionate way focused on treatment for back, neck, TMJ, and pelvic floor muscle conditions.

When in need of physical therapy Denver residents can check out the Physical Therapy Specialists website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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