Physical Therapy Specialists Welcome Grace Felton, Their New Denver Physical Therapist

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Physical Therapy Specialists, which offers physical therapy services in Denver, CO, are pleased to announce that they have recently welcomed their latest therapist, Grace Felton, PT, DPT. She had been a registered yoga teacher for 7 years before she decided to pursue a career in physical therapy. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University Colorado Anschutz, where she focused on pelvic health physical therapy from the very beginning. She continues to lead an active life as she enjoys indoor cycling, reformer Pilates, hiking, and yoga. They want to stress that when in need of physical therapy Denver residents can rely on Physical Therapy Specialists.

Grace Felton Physical Therapist Denver

Dawn Sandalcidi, of Physical Therapy Specialists, says, “We are certainly proud to have Grace Felton with us. She fully understands how pelvic health physical therapy can drastically improve the quality of life of patients. Grace has expanded her education and is trained to treat women, men, and children. Between her background in yoga and growing up a competitive dancer, she also is passionate about helping others find the balance between stability and mobility.”

About 15 percent of American women suffer from pelvic pain while a slightly smaller percentage of American men have it. Physical Therapy Specialists offers personalized pelvic pain therapy treatments that focus on treating the root cause of the pain to offer lasting relief. Each patient is requested to provide detailed information about themselves and their medical history. Next, they will provide a physical examination to determine the presence of many musculoskeletal problems.

There are a number of indications or symptoms of pelvic pain that should not be ignored. These include pain with bowel movements, constipation, urinary retention or hesitancy, urinary frequency or urgency, including burning, pain with sitting or tailbone pain, pain, pressure, or burning around the rectum or anus, clitoral pain or sensitivity, penile pain or sensitivity, pain before, during or after orgasm, low back or sacroiliac joint pain, pain with pregnancy, pelvic organ prolapses, including cystocele – bladder prolapse, rectocele – rectal prolapse, and uterine prolapse, and pain with intercourse.

The pelvic floor muscles that are connected to the bottom of the pelvis provide a “floor” for the internal organs, giving them support and helping to stop the passage of gas and the flow of urine. These muscles also provide help in normal sexual function and in supporting the pelvic low back area. When there is pain the pelvic floor muscles react by tightening, which increases muscle tension and exacerbates pelvic pain. This can also result in hip and back pain.

When in need of pelvic physical therapy Denver residents have several options. These include biofeedback for normalization of muscle function, rehabilitative ultrasound to allow for visualization of proper muscle function, connective tissue mobilization, neural mobilization, trigger point release, trigger point dry needling, pelvic floor soft tissue mobilization, stretching and strengthening exercises to improve posture, home exercise programs, and patient education and training.

Women of whatever age can suffer from pelvic pain. They will customize their treatment protocols to the specific requirements of women’s bodies. They will prioritize the healing and comfort needs of women. Meanwhile, men often hesitate to ask for help when experiencing pelvic pain. They want to point out that they are ready to offer a respectful and safe environment for healing.

Established in 1989, Physical Therapy Specialists are focused on providing the specific needs of each particular patient in a private environment. At present, their goal continues to be the tailor-fitted treatment of patients depending on their specific needs. This is done in a one-on-one private setting where each patient ultimately returns to function and is able to return to those activities that they believe are essential for their daily lives. The specialized physical therapy they offer is provided in a practical, compassionate, and collaborative way that targets issues with neck, TMJ, pelvic floor muscle, and back pain.

When requiring the services of a physical therapist Denver residents can visit the Physical Therapy Specialists website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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