Pitchit Interviews CEO of Application Composition Platform Provider on Expanding Lead Generation Internationally

Austin, Texas -

Pitchit.ai, a company based in Austin, TX, has interviewed Paul Hinz, founder and CEO of Entando, a company that offers a platform to help other businesses build applications quickly, about Entando’s journey of expanding their lead generation internationally. They are focusing on companies that are implementing the Kubernetes open source container orchestration system designed for automating software deployment. Pitchit.ai, meanwhile, has helped more than 300 businesses, including startups, scale up their operations and significantly increase their revenue.

The Entando platform has several major parts. These include the: Entando app engine; Entando hub; Entando component generator; Entando app builder; Entando identity management; Entando WCMS for content versioning, workflow approvals, scheduling, with included support for SEO, web forms, i18n, preview, templating, etc.; Entando CLI for one-line commands for better development productivity for running diagnostics and for maintenance; Entando business automation; and Entando operator for automated installation and configuration management for Kubernetes.

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Meanwhile, with regards to marketing automation, Paul Hinz points out that Pitchit.ai has helped Entando with their development of a demand generation engine for composable apps. And Pitchit.ai has also helped them in rebuilding their market automation system, how to look into their customer relationship management (CRM) system, how to use other systems to reach out to potential customers, and how to nurture prospects. It should be noted that while the demand generation engine is part technology, leads and prospects have to be generated to allow the company to increase revenue. Entando is currently the newest member of the 90-Day Millionaire program.

In the 90-Day Millionaire program of Pitchit, clients go through a three-month hands-on workshop that can be renewed quarterly and includes the implementation of the Pitchit strategy that they have used to grow over 300 businesses. The full implementation of the strategy is done in five stages. The first stage is the setting of the Hubspot marketing automation system. The second stage is the creation of a video sales lettter (VSL) funnel where the goal is to drive the maximum possible traffic to the VSL to attract the most attention from web users and significantly boost conversion rate. The third stage is the initial traction for the Pitchit strategy. The fourth stage is where they start to scale up the business. And finally, the fifth stage is where they maximize the scaling up of the business.

Pitchit’s latest 90-Day Millionaire success story is that of Jesamondo Salon and Spa in Natich, MA, which operates a hair salon and day spa. Matt Traiger, owner of Jesamondo, revealed that they were able to scale up from zero to $3.5 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) within a span of 14 months.

Launched in 2015, Entando has been listed in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Web Computing in 2015 and they also won the Digital 360 Prize for Cloud Computing in 2018. The company was started in Sardinia out of the need to simplify how modular front end architectures are built in companies using Kubernetes, which is an open source system for automating the development of software. Those who are interested in Entando’s application composition platform can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email.

Established in 2018, Pitchit is focused on the creation of tools that can assist the sales team of clients accomplish their quota and significantly boost their revenue. There are two ways of achieving that through Pitchit. One way is for them to implement their software into the client’s business in just 90 days, and this is called the 90-Day Millionaire. The other alternative is that they train the client’s sales team to implement the software on their own and this is known as the Millionaire Club Academy. Through either way, the client business would be able to attain their target of one million dollars in revenue, for instance.

Companies looking to significantly increase their revenue can visit the Pitchit website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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