Portland Rehab Center Warns of the Dangers of People Combining Lorazepam and Alcohol

Serenity Lane Portland East is a rehab center that is becoming well-known for its advanced inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs. This includes helping people who have had their lives drastically altered by drug and alcohol dependencies. Those at this esteemed rehab center understand the importance of people recognizing that they have a substance use disorder and finding avenues of help for them to start their healing journey. That’s why this East Portland rehab center values posting many blogs on alcohol and drug dependency and the treatments that relate to them. The latest of which is a blog that discusses the alarming trend of people combining lorazepam and alcohol.

A spokesperson for this rehab center, whose mission is to ‘transform lives through the treatment of addiction,’ wanted to discuss why this new blog was so important for them to write. He stated, “We here at our rehab facility experience firsthand, every day, the negative impact that drug and alcohol misuse can have on a person and their loved ones' lives. This is something that also allows us to see what the latest and most alarming drug and alcohol use trends are. One of which is people living dangerously by combining alcohol with lorazepam. Our latest blog perfectly describes why this drug and alcohol combination is so concerning and what can be done to help those that are managing a substance use disorder.”

The new Serenity Lane blog first talked about the misconception that often surrounds prescription drugs such as lorazepam. Many of these are advertised as blessings on TV for those that need them and have their required side effect disclosures rapidly flash across the bottom of a TV screen without much attention being paid to them. In the new post, it states this can be a very bad thing because many of those side effects that flash by too quickly are very real and can be deadly. It added that lorazepam is one of those widely prescribed drugs that in its list of side effects, clearly states that it should not be taken with alcohol. The article then went on to describe lorazepam as a benzodiazepine that is most typically prescribed to treat anxiety and also can help people with sleeping problems. It is also used in hospitals as an emergency means to help to treat seizures.

This latest Serenity Lane blog then went on to describe why taking alcohol and lorazepam at the same time can be dangerous. Much of which has to do with the sedative effect that each one can have on a person. Especially when that person overindulges in them. It was also noted that not everyone taking lorazepam has a prescription for it as it’s a widely distributed drug that has become more popular to use recreationally. Other side effects of taking these together besides drowsiness include shallow, slowed, or irregular breathing and impaired balance, coordination, and cognitive ability. The blog post then went on to discuss the long-term impact of combined alcohol and lorazepam use, and some of the warning signs that may indicate a person has overdosed on these two substances. The blog wrapped up by discussing the many ways that combined lorazepam and alcohol can be treated and gave some answers to frequently asked questions on the matter. Interested persons that want to read this newly posted Serenity Lane article in its entirety can do so on the rehab center’s website.

Launched in 1973, Serenity Lane is a licensed specialty hospital that offers addiction treatment. All of the programs they provide are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF.) They are the only treatment facility in Oregon fully-licensed as a specialty hospital that can offer medically-assisted detox. They have launched several new programs over the years, such as residential step-down and outpatient programs that combine outpatient and residential services. They have also been the only provider of the Addiction Counselor Training Program in Oregon, and some of their graduates are now providing their services via treatment programs available in different parts of the country.

Those that are managing a substance use disorder are encouraged to seek help from a reputable rehab center such as Serenity Lane Portland East. These people, or their concerned loved ones, can contact Serenity Lane 24 hours a day at 800-543-9905. Persons seeking help can also get in touch with them by filling out and sending in the form that’s found on their website.


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