Presenting A Trusted Home Inspection Company in Portland, OR: Octopus Home Inspections

Portland, Oregon: Since its inception in 2015, Octopus Home Inspections has been consistently rated as one of the best local home inspection companies in the region. The home inspection services are available for all residential properties, including single-family homes, condos, townhomes and more. The Octopus Home Inspections team covers the house's interior and exterior, checking for any potential problem areas.

“We understand that the idea of buying a home without knowing the full picture is scary and overwhelming. With this in mind, we go above and beyond with our home inspection services in order to provide you with utmost peace of mind that the home you think you’re buying is the home you’re actually getting,” says Chris Barry, the company owner.

Best Home Inspector

Inspections are carried out by a certified home inspector who has the training and experience to identify even well-hidden defects. The company takes a comprehensive and detail-oriented approach to home inspections. Their team is committed to providing clients with accurate information so that they can make informed choices about their property. They take a close-up look at home’s major systems, such as the electrical systems, plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation. They also assess the structure's condition, from the foundation to the roof. Clients are given a detailed report of their findings, clearly outlining any potential problems that should be addressed.

With twelve different inspector certifications and licenses, the company has extensive experience inspecting new construction homes and is well-equipped to handle any inspection request. Their team offers a diverse range of home inspection services to meet the needs of buyers and sellers in the area. The standard Buyer's Home Inspection service includes a review of the property's condition, a written report, and a consultation to discuss the findings.

For sellers in the Portland area, the company offers a Pre-Listing Home Inspection service, which helps them identify any potential problems with the property before putting it on the market. This service includes a written report, a consultation to discuss the findings, and recommendations for repairs or improvements.

With highly recommended reviews, this home inspection service is one of the best in the Portland area. Whether a buyer or seller, Octopus Home Inspections will offer the peace of mind one needs when making one of the most significant decisions of one's life.

About Octopus Home Inspections, LLC

Octopus Home Inspections, LLC is a home inspection company that has been in business for over seven years. They are dedicated to providing their clients with accurate and complete home inspection services. Their standard home inspection includes a detailed inspection report, delivered electronically, and they offer competitive pricing for their services.

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