Roofing Repair & Roof Replacement Contractor Keeps Prices Low For Community

Clayton, NC based Scro's Roofing Company is pleased to share that their industry connections and supply chain expertise has enabled them to keep prices as low as possible in their roofing projects. Since the company understands that their community has been hit hard in the past few years, they are eager to help in any way they can, such as by passing these savings on to their customers.

In many cases, the company says, homeowners and other customers are discovering that their contractor is unable to proceed with planned projects due to the unprecedented materials shortage affecting the world. Suppliers are finding it increasingly difficult to provide either the materials or products that are needed for crucial jobs. Moreover, some will find that contractors who are willing to give projected completion times are obliged to name dates far off in the future. To the average homeowner who has a leak or needs a new roof right away, this is a problematic state of affairs.

However, there is hope. Certain contractors, particularly those who have spent the past several years building their network of suppliers and maintaining strong commercial relationships are able to leverage said relationships to keep prices low and materials available. Scro's Roofing Company is one such contractor, and their team has long treated peers and partners with respect as well as professional courtesy. Their ability to stay organized despite market fluctuations is widely known, and this is a quality that makes them highly attractive to suppliers and similar parties.

This is also applicable where customers are concerned. Having been a staple of their community for several years, Scro’s Roofing Company has built a sterling reputation for great work and unparalleled customer service. The company believes in treating every house like their own, and this is clearly reflected in the outcome of their projects. Furthermore, they proudly share that much of their business comes from repeat customers (often those who now trust the company’s ability to complete larger projects after trying them for minor repairs and so on) as well as word-of-mouth referrals.

“I have an older roof that is still in pretty good shape, except for a few leaks,” says Mark H. in their detailed Google review. “The leaks were causing ceiling damage in the kitchen. I got a few estimates for the repairs. One contractor said the repair would cost about the same as a new roof. Another contractor gave me a good price for the repairs. Scro's came and gave me a higher price, but they found more problems and had better solutions. Scro's finished the repairs in a day and sent me photos of the work. The photos showed the before state, the damage, the repairs that were made and the final repairs. I've attached the photos.”

As the review says, photos of the work done have been shared alongside the customer’s comments, and anyone can take a look at them on the company’s Google profile. Here, they will also find hundreds of reviews that have similarly glowing praise to shed on the company.

The review from Mark concludes, “I liked that Scro's was sensitive to the plywood and other materials’ Covid prices. The price of a new roof would have been 6X more than the repair costs. With a repaired roof, I get a couple of years to wait until the wood prices get back to normal, and I can pay a reasonable price for a new roof. I'm very satisfied with the results and would recommend Scro's for repairs or roof replacement.”

Scro’s Roofing Company serves both commercial and residential customers. Their services include roof maintenance, repairs and replacements as well as a number of associated offerings. For instance, customers may approach the company today to learn whether their home is eligible for a solar installation. On the other hand, those in need of emergency roofing services, such as when their home suffers storm damage, are encouraged to get in touch immediately.

The company invites customers to reach out to their representatives via their website’s Contact Us page. Phone and email inquiries may also be directed to Danny McLaughlin of Scro's Roofing Company.


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