Roonga Improves User Experience & Functionality

Los Altos, California -

Los Altos, CA based Roonga is expanding the core functionality of their platform for both collection drives and adopt-a-family programs. The company is adding features to make it even easier for nonprofits to launch and manage their in-kind programs, a goal they have pursued since their founding. “Our latest release contains a lot of features our nonprofit partners will be excited about,” stated Evelyn Horng, Roonga Co-Founder. “We are looking forward to seeing the impact of these features on their upcoming projects!”

Roonga streamlines how collections and in-kind programs work, simplifying logistics for organizations. Through Roonga, nonprofits and their supporters can maximize the value of their investment, both in terms of financial contributions and time. Roonga has established a network of trusted partners and vendors who provide affordable, quality items that are generally much needed. Each vendor is carefully vetted for this purpose, ensuring that our nonprofits’ programswill have the most impact.

Roonga has expanded administrative capabilities to support large organizations with support for multiple users and the ability to assign more granular roles. An administrator can be assigned at the drive level for localized events, distinguishing the responsibility for an overall nonprofit account . More granular user types for adopt-a-family programs also support specific roles and functions (such as approvers and submitters).

Roonga has also expanded functionality within the collection drive and adopt-a-family programs. With collection drives, registration and login has been moved further back in the purchase process, thereby improving the donor experience. Roonga has also added more detailed questions on the Delivery Instructions page (such as whether the delivery address has a loading dock) to improve the timeliness of large deliveries after a drive closes. Read more about Roonga’s collection drives here:

In the adopt-a-family platform, Roonga has added custom tags have to allow organizations to set their own specific search filters for their programs. This will allow donors to search for family profiles more effectively with more specific terms. Finally, Roonga is allowing nonprofits to set their own wishlist counts, allowing them to manage the size of their programs more efficiently. They will be able to set a cutoff for their programs, as required. Read more about Roonga’s adopt-a-family platform here:

Roonga provides a number of powerful tools that are designed to help nonprofit organizers make the most of their donations and help those who are most in need. Whether this is accomplished by collecting much-needed items or raising funds for specific purchases, Roonga takes a great deal of the stress out of the process of helping people.


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