Roots Renewal Ranch Warns About Underage Drinking

Argyle, TX – Roots Renewal Ranch’s latest blog discusses the dangers of underage drinking, and what parents need to be aware of if their teen girl is partaking. Roots has been providing a unique and safe place for teen girls with various mental conditions – from substance misuse to undiagnosed depression and anxiety.

“Is it just Texas where the statistics are that high for underage drinking? Nope. The national average of underage drinkers is around 30%, whereas it’s 50% in Texas – but 30% is still a huge number. For example, there are currently a little more than 2.5 million children between the ages of 13-17 in California. That means that potentially 750,000 of those individuals have participated in alcohol use in the last month,” the article reads.

The teen years are already difficult enough – peer pressure, social media, and standards that sometimes seem out of reach are all around. When a teen starts drinking to manage these pressures, they are more likely to develop an alcohol use disorder later in life. Alcohol use becomes a coping mechanism and turns into a learned behavior.

Besides the mental challenges of an alcohol use disorder, physical health takes a toll from prolonged drinking. Liver disease and cancer are common, as well as heart conditions. Alcohol causes blood pressure to rise, making it harder for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. Cardiomyopathy refers to the stretching of the heart muscle from compensating for high blood pressure. The heart cannot heal itself, and when damage occurs it is permanent.

“Alcohol can only legally be consumed by those over the age of 21. This is a country-wide law in the United States. While there are already legal ramifications for those over 21, when a teen is caught drinking alcohol, the legal punishments are hefty. In Texas, there is a zero-tolerance law in place. Those who are caught underage drinking can face fines up to $500, 20-40 hours of community service, a 60-day license suspension, attendance to an alcohol awareness class, and a class C misdemeanor on their record. This is only for a first offense; the consequences increase if it happens again,” the article continues.

The five main reasons teen girls begin drinking are establishing independence, peer pressure, stress, accessibility, and curiosity. While no parent wants to think their teen girl is drinking, there may be signs that she has started. Decreased school, sports, activity, and work performance may become noticeable. She may show more signs of depression and anxiety, as drinking can help relieve them in the moment and then increase them tenfold. Changing friend groups can also be a sign that she is experimenting with drinking.

Parents are encouraged to keep communication with their daughters and give them the freedom to speak their minds. However, it is important to keep the parental boundary respected, and consequences need to be enforced for actions. Parents who like to drink are also encouraged not to do so in front of their children and to not boast about drinking.

Roots Renewal Ranch has been helping families reconnect with their teen girls through therapy and skill-building. Their ranch is fully functional, allowing the girls to learn animal handling and care in peace – away from distractions. School is of utmost importance, and the girls staying at Roots participate in 2.5 hours of classwork per day. The rest of the day is dedicated to individual and group therapy, as well as activities such as camping and hiking.

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