Swift Plantar Wart Treatment Now Available For Warts At Torrance Podiatrist

All South Bay Footcare, based in Torrance, CA, is pleased to report that their patients can now benefit from the industry-leading Saorsa wart removal system. Used to address difficult skin conditions, such as plantar warts, this new system offers a painless, fast treatment that allows the clinic to assist more patients in a shorter time frame. See more here: https://www.allsouthbayfootcare.com/.

Aptly named Swift, the system has been in use since early 2019. Since its launch, it has spread rapidly across the US, borne by a wave of positive feedback as more clinics and patients discovered that it lived up to its claims. For their part, the team at All South Bay Footcare has been closely following the system’s progress and discussing its functionality with colleagues elsewhere in the country for some time, and they eventually determined that their patients deserved to take advantage of its revolutionary properties as well.

The clinic explains that Swift uses microwave technology to accurately target the wart in question. This technology is also why treatments are so fast — a typical session will last between 5 - 10 minutes. A patient may undergo 2 or 3 sessions in total, each about 4 weeks apart. However, there is virtually no recovery time required; the clinic says that this treatment does not even require any post-procedural dressing. Further, patients will find that they can get up and walk out without issue, and they can resume their regular physical activity as well. Many report feeling a minor sensation (at most) during the treatment, somewhat similar to an injection or a scratch. This sensation is also reported to fade in a matter of seconds, and All South Bay Footcare confirms that there is no need for anesthetic either.

Microwaves are used to agitate the water molecules in the skin at a predetermined depth, and they are able to do so without harming or otherwise breaking the surface of the skin. This treats the wart at its source, and the patient’s own immune system is stimulated as well. Since warts of this nature are caused by the virus HPV, the increased immune activity serves to help prevent it from returning. See more here: https://twitter.com/AllSBayFootcare.

All South Bay Footcare has received excellent feedback from patients over the years. Many praise the clinic’s attention to detail and patient-first approach, and its office environment is designed to make all visitors feel as comfortable as possible. A review from a father whose child visited the clinic for a wart removal treatment says, “My son was seen by Dr. Elhiani for a wart removal. It shows their confidence that they offer complimentary consultation. Dr. Elhiani explained to us in detail what he would do, what needs to be done, and even our 12 year old son was so comfortable trusting his experience and knowledge. Actual surgery was quick, and he even offers to see you twice after surgery, and all visits are included in one price, which was extremely reasonable. We highly recommend Dr. Elhiani if you have any problems with your feet!”

Staci N. says, “Dr. Tareen was a dream. I came in today with an ingrown toenail problem and left the happiest I could possibly be! He was very kind, patient and 100% understanding of my foot care needs. He made sure I was in no pain every step of the way and thoroughly wanted to help me with my issue. I would highly recommend using All South Bay Footcare. I didn't know where I was going to go and I'm happy I chose this place! They took excellent care of me and everything was fast and pain free just as I had read in previous reviews. Thank you again, Dr. Tareen and team.” See more here: https://www.facebook.com/AllSouthBayFootcare.

All South Bay Footcare looks forward to helping patients deal with their plantar warts. Since the treatment is so much faster than the alternatives, the clinic says they can also see more patients for this particular condition in a given day, effectively reducing the delay in treatment for anyone who has a painful or unseemly wart on their foot. Those interested in learning more are invited to contact the clinic directly. They can also call or email to schedule a consultation.


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