Talisman Casualty: Why Processing A Claim Is No Hassle

Carson City, Nevada -

Las Vegas, NV-based Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is pleased to report that their clients enjoy a completely hassle-free claims process. This improvement, compared to other providers, is largely due to the company’s unerring commitment to their clients, especially when it comes to simplifying their insurance needs, but there are a host of reasons why small and medium-sized businesses in various industries may wish to place their risk management strategy in Talisman's hands.

“When a business joins our program by participating in an underwriting cell,” Talisman Casualty Insurance Company states, “they gain much more than the mere advantages of cell captive insurance and access to an international reinsurance market. Primarily, they gain us as a partner, and we are proud of the fact that this is our clients’ greatest strength.”

According to the company, this is largely due to its policy of taking the time to understand each unique business and its objectives during the onboarding process. While other firms may be satisfied with taking a client’s request at face value and providing no more than they ask for, the company recognizes that cell captive insurance is still an unknown area for the vast majority of the organizations they work with, particularly those which are already pre-occupied getting their business off the ground and on its way to profitability (such as start-ups).

As such, it is not enough to assume the client is served by a basic admission to the cell. Talisman takes the precaution of learning everything there is to know about the business, from its strengths to its vulnerabilities, and this allows them to determine which partners would best suit the client’s needs. Regarding a Talisman Casualty claim, for instance, the firm utilizes several claims management service providers to ensure claims processing is universally efficient across all of their cell programs. Each individual provider is carefully vetted to ensure they abide by Talisman’s own standards of ethics and integrity, and this essentially means clients can place their trust in these partners in the same way they would with Talisman’s own team.

Further, Talisman only seeks to ensure that providers in their network fulfill a certain standard of effectiveness; they do not in any way make an attempt to minimize each provider’s individual strengths. As such, clients will find some providers to be better at delivering the service they need than others, and Talisman considers it their duty to be a prominent force in the selection process. While clients are always free to look over the available services, they can also rely on Talisman to help them make the right choice (or at least narrow the list down to the most viable candidates). The firm will then leave the ultimate decision up to them, and their team will offer all required support going forward.

As Richard G. shares in their review of the firm, “5 Stars for Talisman Casualty's outstanding staff. They take their time to get to know you, and always go the extra mile to assist you with any questions you may have. They will guide you through coverage, and they will find you multiple insurance options that fit your business. If you’re a business that needs insurance, then make a phone call to them right now!”

A crucial aspect of Talisman’s claims management process is their insistence on utilizing nothing less than the most advanced claims technology. The result of this is that clients receive immediate feedback of the overall impact of claims, and adjustments can be with minimal delay thanks to the aggregation of data within a cell captive. Many businesses will also find that this entire process requires less financial investment on their part than would be possible with conventional providers. Talisman’s unique approach allows them to reduce overhead across the board, such as when utilizing Proprietary Claims Software.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is ready to answer any and all questions their community may have. The firm regularly makes it a point to discuss cell captive insurance, the reinsurance market as a whole, their various programs and much more, and they welcome inquiries from all interested parties. More information on the company can be found here: Who Owns Talisman Casualty?


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