Tech Visionary Stephen Iervella Takes On Predatory Advertising with Groundbreaking NFT Platform

Sheridan, Wyoming -

Calgary, AB - Tech innovator Stephen Iervella aims to challenge the status quo of the surveillance capitalism and predatory advertising-based business models dominating the digital commerce landscape. With the unveiling of a whitepaper detailing a Business-to-Consumer NFT platform, Iervella sets out to create a decentralized and public-driven alternative to the current system controlled by a handful of corporations.

"The internet has become the primary venue for commerce, and it's now dominated by a select few corporate behemoths," stated Iervella, Sky High Media's Founder and Technical Director. "Social platforms and search engines have devolved into data-mining intermediaries, exploiting consumer information for profit, stripping consumers and businesses of their power to influence the digital commerce infrastructure. Instead, they must navigate a labyrinth of ever-changing, opaque rules imposed by corporations who remain unaccountable to the public."

Iervella identifies the root cause of this issue as the disregard for public accountability and conflicting interests driving the current digital marketplace. As reliance on these platforms for advertising, buying, researching and selling products and services continues to grow, the negative impacts of the surveillance capitalism model propagate. According to Harvard Business School scholar Shoshana Zuboff, "surveillance capitalism" refers to the monitoring of consumers for their generated data, then using that data to push products and services onto them. "This has led to a marketplace where faking reviews has become rampant, causing even honest merchants to resort to fraudulent behavior just to keep up," said Iervella.

The launch of Sky High Media's NFT platform is poised to offer a solution to these problems. As the demand for privacy continues to rise following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the threat of antitrust actions and regulations loom, Iervella believes the time is ripe for a paradigm shift. With its unique capability to place ownership and control of consumer data in the hands of consumers, the NFT platform is designed to comply with new data protection measures, offering a viable alternative to the Silicon Valley tech giants.

The comprehensive whitepaper, which has been in development since 2016, outlines the vision for a decentralized, public-driven digital commerce infrastructure that prioritizes small and local businesses. Iervella hopes the release of the whitepaper will inspire a change in thinking, "When I wrote the whitepaper, I sought to challenge the norms and spark a revolution. At that time, the technology was not yet advanced enough to bring my vision to life. Now, with the rise of NFTs and their potential to use publicly distributed ledgers, it's evident that vast amounts of data can be securely and verifiably transmitted in transactions. The technology has evolved to a point where it's ready to realize its potential as the next iteration of the internet."

Sky High Media's NFT platform marks a significant milestone in the Web3 NFT movement and a bold challenge to the current digital commerce landscape. With its commitment to putting power back in the hands of consumers and small businesses, the company is poised to revolutionize digital commerce as we know it. For more information, visit


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