The Morrison Firm Celebrates Founder's 19 Years of Financial Service

The Morrison Firm, based in Tyler, TX, is pleased to share that founder John Morrison is celebrating 19 years of financial service. Over the past nearly two decades, John has served a number of businesses of all sizes and life cycle stages. His firm, The Morrison Firm has become the preferred advisor for many Texas-based businesses. Visit The Morrison Firm’s website at for more information on their work.

“The Morrison Firm helps our clients answer the following questions and more by offering CFO & Accounting Services, Tax Planning & Preparation, Business Valuations, Litigation Support and Transactional Services,” the firm says. “Why is my business profitable but I always seem to have no cash? How much is my business worth? How can I reduce my tax burden now and in the future? How can I grow my business sustainably? The Morrison Firm helps our clients answer these questions and more."

The firm’s experienced finance professionals have represented a wide range of companies in many different industries, from commercial real estate development and construction to oil field services, restaurant and hospitality and so on. They have the experience and the expertise needed to provide all kinds of businesses with the professional representation they require. The team focuses its efforts primarily on privately owned companies in need of strategic financial solutions, and it is through the firm’s services that they can add value to any business through the firm’s various services. Get in touch with the firm here:

CFO & Accounting Services are among The Morrison Firm’s most highly sought-after services. Business owners who struggle with managing their business finances, pricing their products, budgeting or understanding the financial wealth of their businesses can rely on the firm to help them with every aspect in this area of business management. The firm’s services also extend to tax planning and preparation. Tax planning presents an excellent opportunity to proactively assess the financial position of a business as well as explore strategies that may lead to improved business results.

“Effective tax planning is the analysis and systematic arrangement of your financial situation as well as your business’s financial situation in order to legally maximize tax breaks and minimize tax liabilities over the long-term,” The Morrison Firm says. “Tax rules are complicated and change over time. Investing the time to know and use them for your benefit can change how much you and your business end up paying the IRS and other taxing agencies. The Morrison Firm has a long history of working with businesses and individuals alike, addressing specific tax issues strategically and proactively. We add unique value to our clients through efforts to remain at the forefront of tax strategy and implementation of best practices in planning. Most importantly we take the time to listen to the needs of our clients in order to develop tailored strategies to meet their needs.”

Over the past 19 years, John Morrison has managed to build a reputation as one of the most reliable providers of various financial services. His team at The Morrison Firm is trusted by all kinds of businesses and business owners, and this can be seen in the numerous glowing reviews they have received on various platforms.

On the firm’s Google profile, for instance, many clients have left rave reviews praising the firm’s excellent work. One such review from a client named Thomas says, “The Morrison Firm took great care of us and walked us through each step. They took the time to learn about me and the business we are running. They were able to give my precise solutions with proven success. I appreciate the hard work they do for me and my team.” Such personalized attention, the firm says, is a hallmark of the way they approach virtually every client’s needs, so every new party who chooses to work with their team will invariably benefit from the same advantage.

The Morrison Firm can be reached through their Facebook page: This page offers regular updates on the firm and its services in addition to providing an easy way for clients to get in contact with their team.


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