Tranquil Shores Educates on Alcohol Poisoning

Madeira Beach, FL – Tranquil Shores is providing education and resources to those who may be thinking alcohol is becoming a daily habit. Their latest blog dives into the causes and dangers of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol use and the beach goes hand in hand. Florida residents are no strangers to binge and heavy drinking, no matter of social status or education level.

“Alcohol poisoning is what happens when the amount of alcohol in your system overwhelms your liver and other organs. It takes a lot to get here, but it’s also easier than most people think. After the first few drinks, the part of the brain that controls memory (the hippocampus) stops working properly. This can cause you to continue drinking without realizing how much you’ve consumed. Additionally, your inhibitions have lowered. Even if you’re aware that you’re drinking “too much”, you’re less likely to care or consider the consequences. It’s usually because of these things that alcohol poisoning happens,” the article states.

Those who mix other substances with alcohol are more likely to experience alcohol poisoning. Other factors include drinking on an empty stomach, depression or other mental health conditions, having a high tolerance for alcohol, and being influenced by social situations. Alcohol content can vary from drink to drink, and mixing different beverages can also result in alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol is a depressant and it impacts the entire central nervous system, including the brain, gut, and vital organs like the liver, heart, and kidneys. When the liver is overwhelmed with alcohol and can no longer metabolize it, it leads to a buildup of toxins within the body. When the toxins have gotten to the point where they’re impacting the respiratory system, breathing slows or even stops, which can cause permanent damage.

“BAC stands for blood alcohol content, and it measures how much alcohol is in someone’s bloodstream. In order to drive a car, your BAC needs to be lower than .08% (in Florida, there is a zero-tolerance policy, which means people with a BAC as low as .02% can be arrested if they’re driving). Each state handles these laws a little differently. Your BAC is a good indicator of how much alcohol is still in your system.

"It takes about 1-2 drinks for someone’s BAC to rise to .08%. By drink #3 or #4, the BAC can rise to .10% or .12%, and this is when it’s usually easy to tell that someone is ‘drunk.’ When someone’s BAC reaches .30% or .40%, alcohol has reached highly toxic levels in the body. This is usually when alcohol poisoning occurs. Anything above .50% is considered a fatal level of alcohol in the bloodstream,” the article continues.

Signs of alcohol poisoning include irregular breathing, loss of consciousness, seizures, slow heart rate, confusion, and low body temperature. If any of these signs are noticed, it is key to seek medical attention immediately.

Tranquil Shores has been helping those living with an alcohol use disorder throughout Florida and the country. Their resort-like setting is optimal for healing, and they keep their therapist-to-client ratio at 3:1. This ensures individualized attention and care for each person that comes through their doors. Electronics are allowed during treatment to keep up with work as needed. Psychiatrists and medical staff are available full-time for support and therapy.

Those wanting to know more about Tranquil Shores can call 727-591-4119 or visit their website. They are happy to answer any questions about their facility and program.


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