Tree Service Fresno Lowers Its Cost Following A Collaboration With Charity Work Organization California

Fresno, California – A company known for its excellent tree care services but considered expensive by some homeowners, Tree Service Fresno, announced earlier today that it had entered into a partnership that will help the company to reduce its tree care charges.

"For quite a long time now," said the CEO, Diana Burton, "Tree Service Fresno has been receiving a high number of positive remarks on the services we offer. However, almost all the remarks are usually followed by 'I wish the company were a bit cheaper.' The company tried to reduce the charges the best it could, but we weren't favorable to all homeowners."

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"Luckily," added Diana Burton, "the long struggle to make good tree care services accessible to all homeowners in Fresno and the entire neighborhood at the lowest price is now over. Tree Service Fresno recently partnered with Charity Work Organization California, enabling the company to reduce tree service fees easily."

"Charity Work Organization California is a non-profit organization that works with different tree care companies in California to improve the environment," continued Diana Burton. "To make it easier for homeowners to improve their immediate environment, Charity Work Organization California has promised to pay 20% of any tree care requests made by homeowners."

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After hearing that the company will be helping homeowners pay a better part of their tree care charges, the journalists decided to question the Charity Work Organization California CEO about what pushed them to make such a decision.

"When coming to Fresno," said the Charity Work Organization California CEO, "our team had no idea of a tree care service company that would be the best fit for the partnership."

"The only way to get a good tree care company to partner with was by seeking assistance from homeowners," noted the Charity Work Organization California CEO. "This was done through online voting and visiting different homeowners in Fresno and its suburbs to ask for their opinions. 88% of all the homeowners we interacted with, physically and through the internet, chose Tree Service Fresno. The only disadvantage of working with Tree Service Fresno mentioned by homeowners was that it is overly expensive. In response, the Charity Work Organization California team decided to take up the responsibility of paying some money for all the tree care requests made by homeowners."

The CEO also revealed that Charity Work Organization California would sponsor Tree Service Fresno to plant and improve trees in forests and public spaces.

"Apart from helping the homeowners easily improve their immediate environment," said the Tree Service Fresno CEO, "the Charity Work Organization California team has promised to go deeper into their pockets and fund tree planting and improvement procedures in the local forests and public spaces. That way, the general environment in Fresno and the entire neighborhood will be improved."

The Tree Service Fresno CEO revealed that the company would share any progress made by the two companies through its media room.

"This partnership is expected to last for the longest time possible," said the Tree Service Fresno CEO. "Now that homeowners already know about the existence of the partnership, Tree Service Fresno will take the responsibility of letting them know every step taken by the two companies. This will be done through the Tree Service Fresno media room."

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