Tree Service Marietta Announces a Tree Recovery Program In Marietta And Its Suburbs

Marietta, Georgia – In the wake of the December harsh weather that severely damaged trees in Georgia, Tree Service Marietta earlier today announced it had a tree recovery program, but it was only limited to homeowners in Marietta and its suburbs.

"The last few months have not been any good to the trees," said the CEO during the announcement. "They have left the trees stressed and damaged. Some are actually beyond saving."

"To restore the trees that have been stressed and replace the ones that failed to survive through the harsh season," continued the CEO, "Tree Service Marietta created a tree recovery program."

The CEO noted that the program is designed to assist homeowners to recover and restore their trees at an affordable price for a limited period.

"Winter has left a lot of damage on many other things, apart from the trees," said the CEO. "The homeowner is expected to fix all the damage caused, most of which needs a lot of money to be fixed. To reduce the burden on the homeowner, through the recovery program, Tree Service Marietta has decided to reduce planting and tree improvement services. This, however, will only last for two months because the new charges are so low that the company won’t be making any profits from the two services.”

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The CEO also noted that the company was aiming to plant 10,000 trees in local parks and public areas. He then thanked the Rosenew organization for funding a public and local park tree recovery program.

"The weather was not fair to even the trees that don’t have anyone to look after them," said the CEO. "The Tree Service Marietta team recently took a tour around the parks and the public spaces in the entire neighborhood, and whatever they saw wasn’t attractive. A lot of trees needed to be removed, while others needed a lot of procedures to be restored. Knowing how important trees are, the Tree Service Marietta team decided to take on the responsibility of improving and restoring the trees in those areas. The project is set to start tomorrow.”

"At this point," added the CEO, "Tree Service Marietta would wish to thank the Rosenew non-profit organization that funded the company to make sure that the park and public place recovery is possible."

The CEO urged tree owners to improve their trees now to avoid losing them.

"The weather right now is the most suitable for all tree procedures," noted the CEO. "Tree owners should therefore make sure that before time goes by, their trees are improved. Failure to do so will cause additional stress on the trees, and before you know it, you and your trees will be parting ways."

"For tree planting," said the CEO, "when done right now, it is easier for them to thrive and grow well with minimum attention."

Finally, the CEO urged Marietta residents and the entire neighborhood to schedule tree care appointments with Tree Service Marietta.

"The tree recovery program aims at giving homeowners a good environment with fresh air," said the CEO. "The biggest barrier that locks homeowners from accessing fresh air in their immediate surroundings is lack of money to invest in trees. Now that Tree Service Marietta has reduced planting and tree improvement services, homeowners should take advantage of this and improve their immediate environment before the offer is over."

The Tree Service Marietta headquarters are located at 2305 Colleen Cir SW Marietta, GA, 30060. Homeowners can also reach out to the company at +1 678-661-6293 or


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