Victory Medical is Now Offering Screening Mammograms

Marble Falls, Texas -

Victory Medical, a full-service integrated medical practice based in Central Texas, is now offering screening mammograms to help women detect early signs of breast cancer.

More than a quarter of a million cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year and it claims over 40,000 lives. It is the most common cancer diagnosed in women with a rate of around 1 in every 3 female cancers. While the chances of developing the disease are considerable, around 13%, regular mammogram screenings have made a dent in its rise, and death rates have been on a steady decline.

“Mammograms, X-rays of the breast, are the best tool in our arsenal for early detection of breast cancer,” says the spokesperson for Victory Medical. “The USPSTF (United States Preventive Services Task Force) recommends that women over 50 get a mammogram every 2 years to lower the risk of developing the disease. We cannot prevent breast cancer entirely, but we have treatments available to stop the cancer from spreading if we detect it in time. If you are between the ages of 50 and 74, it is highly recommended to go for a mammogram screening and incorporate it into your personal healthcare checklist. For professional advice, contact us today and follow our Facebook page to keep up with our news and announcements.”

Victory Medical takes an integrated approach that combines innovative alternative treatments with the latest medical technologies. Victory Medical’s range of services includes preventative care and primary care for families, weight loss, MDVIP, Heartwise Physical, pharmacy, urgent care, natural hormone replacement, allergy services, Ketamine therapy, chiropractic, and physical therapy.

Along with its plethora of medical services, Victory Medical also offers aesthetic treatments at its Med Spa. The clinic’s MedSpa treatments include injectables, facials, chemical peels, laser treatments, PRP therapy, fillers, PDO threading, CoolSculpting, micro-needling, and more. MedSpa clients can also buy a range of high-quality products from trusted brands such as Elta MD, Image Skincare, PCA Skin, and more.

Victory Medical states they do not currently offer diagnostic mammograms but mentions that they can certainly still see patients for diagnostic testing and will refer those patients out for those types of scans.

Readers who are ready to take the first steps and schedule a screening mammogram can contact the Austin location or Westlake Hills location of Victory Medical at (512) 462-3627 or


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