Wealthward Capital Released New Article on Passive Real Estate Investing

Cedar Park, Texas -

Wealthward Capital, a private equity investment firm with a focus on passive investment, released a new article to discuss the merits of passive real estate investing. Passive real estate investing is a method of investing that utilizes real estate investment without any active, material involvement.

The article explains different methods to get started with passive real estate, including Real Estate Funds, Real Estate Syndications, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), and crowdfunding. Wealthward Capital offers Real Estate Syndication structured to earn its investors a regular distribution income. They also offer Private Equity Real Estate Funds, which invest in commercial real estate and grant Limited Partners shares to those assets as passive income.

Wealthward explains some of the benefits of passive income compared to traditional income. They believe that the best part is that “you don't need to break a sweat to earn it,” though they also explain that passive income is “an excellent way to earn a pension because your money can continue to work for you when you're retired.”

As a company focused on helping tech employees invest their money effectively and successfully, Wealthward Capital was founded on a system crafted to make each investor’s money work for them. They utilize passive real estate investing, as it is arguably the most fruitful investment in today’s market.

Wealthward Capital is a private equity investment firm that provides institutional quality investments and educates investors. They help technology employees build wealth, grow careers, and make an impact. The investment firm, founded by Christopher Nelson, is made up of 3,000+ multi-family units, a mobile home park fund, and an ATM fund, all used to help tech employees create passive income portfolios and build wealth through education. Visit the article or contact a member of Wealthward’s team to learn more or get started with passive investment.


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