What Cryptcurrency Could Mean To The Future Of Online Adult Gaming

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Santa Clarita, California -- Waxdynasty.com reports on the new trend in adult onling gaming. Online gaming can take many forms of payment from bank transfers to credit cards – and the latest type of payment is ‘cryptocurrency’.

“Adult online gaming has a lengthy history of trying to part gamers and their fiat,” stated Raul Meza, content director at Waxdynasty.com. “These days adult gaming platforms realize that the future of money is Defi and they want to make sure they are on the forefront of that by accepting that kind of payment. They also realize that by crypto being decentralized there is also a lot less red tape and regulation. Of course, they love that.”

The cryptocurrency system is a digital payment that is equivalent to using a normal physical payment system – but without the bank or credit card company. The big difference is that is works through a network of linked sites on the internet not through any central authority.

Payments don’t go through a bank, credit card company or financial institution. The money doesn’t pass through any government systems and is essentially just a deal between private computers.

Records are kept in decentralised networks of international sites; a new form of internet technology called a blockchain. This network and indeed the whole currency only exists online. The most famous of the cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. This was released in 2009 and has grown to become a major global payment system.

Meza summed it up by stating, “Part of the new thrill of adult online gaming is that people can now claim their winnings in crypto which they can hodl or spend any way they want. That is very attractive to today’s investors and gamers.”

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